Namaste, my Beloved Children of God. It is Mother Mary come to be amoung you today. Quite unexpectedly, the messenger is doing a fine job of coping with the shock of me taking the place of my Son today!

So, it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. Of course you know who I am and I would like you to take a moment of your time to feel the difference now between the energy of me and the energy of my Beloved Son Lord Emanuel. As he has long been teaching you, this takes a moment to be still, taking a deep breath into your Being, a very deep breath my Beloveds as deep as you can possibly manage into your belly and a long slow exhale out of your mouth. Well done, excellent. And for any of you cheaters out there, take a moment to do this for you are only cheating yourself out of a most wonderful experience. I am asking you to connect with the essence of yourself, the essence of You, so that you can feel and sense the essence of me.

I am with you now as your read these words just as my Son is when you read his. If you take this moment you will FEEL the difference.  Lord Emanuel has been teaching you that your discernment is of utmost importance in the days coming. It is of paramount importance that you learn to discern the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, the Truth and non-truth. My Beloveds, this is so very important for your future ease of passage through life and I am giving you the opportunity in a very safe place to start to use your ability to FEEL your way into the energy of what is being disseminated to you.

So feel your way now. It is a shock to you (and to the messenger!) that it is me here today. Now you only have my word for it. My messenger has already performed her own discernment to validate whether or not I am who I say I AM and she has been thoroughly trained in the energies of the Ascended Realm, so she has a head start if you will. But that is why it is her that is scribing for me and not a completely random person. Do you understand the difference my Beloveds? This is another important point. This messenger is not just an 'empty vessel’, she is highly trained for this job over many life times. Again use your own discernment and ask your heart if you feel this is true and whether or not you trust this messenger. You must already have developed a level of trust or you would not have opened this message to read it. I congratulate you on your choice and discernment so far!

So, back to me and my energy. It is Mother Mary with you this day. Feel my energy. Take this opportunity with which I am presenting you to actually feel the difference between this message and all the others you have read from my Beloved Son Master Jesus. You see my Beloveds, words carry energy and these words you are reading carry the energy which is transmitted through the messenger and supported by me as you read these words. There is so much more to this message than you can see and that you have been taught, meaning the written word in this form is more powerful than you can imagine and indeed nothing like that which you understand from school.

These messages in particular are very powerful indeed as they carry a healing frequency of energy that has its own intelligence and will be felt and interpreted by you at exactly the level of understanding that you require. You will receive exactly what you need from them, even if that is a negative reaction, do you understand my meaning? Everything has value from these words as they are all encoded with the energy of Love, the most powerful healing force in the Universe. This messenger is also at a level of training to transmit a pure frequency of this Divine Love.

So just as words can be used for the Light so can they be used for the dark. I ask you to be completely vigilant at all times when you read any messages from Higher Realms. ALWAYS check in with your heart ALWAYS. Feel the Love vibration within them because this cannot be faked. Your heart will know the difference and will leave you in no doubt as to the quality of the information and the encodement within the words.

My Beloved Children of God, you are so beautiful and so very Dear to me. It has been my absolute pleasure and deepest honour to have been given the opportunity to speak with you today. As with all Ascended Masters you can call upon me and I will come to your assistance. I embody the Mothers Love, the Love of Mother God. Let me shower it upon you now and always. Let me embrace you in a Love that you have forgotten exists. Thank you my Dear Hearts, your Mother Mary will take her leave now. Namaste my Beloveds, Namaste.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy