Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel warmly greeting you this day. No matter what the weather outside of your home, your office, or wherever you are right now, may you feel the radiant sunshine of God I AM, All There Is, blazing within your chest cavity, blazing blazing blazing the eternal sunshine of the radiant magnificent Light of God that you are. Feel your heart expand Dear Ones, allow that warm glow in your heart expand expand expand, really feel a sun within you and it will brighten up the bleakest of days for your rays of sunshine reach out and touch all that is around you, this is how powerful you are. Your external world is literally changed when it is kissed with your radiant rays of Light and Love pouring forth from your heart.

The Way of the Heart is my path Dear Ones. For within your heart lies everything you need to know to walk the straight and narrow path home. You are lost Dear Ones, you have been without your navigation system for 13 millennia. You have forgotten this fundamental connection which is your ‘sat nav’, your satellite navigation system. Without this information you are wandering, lost without direction, running in circles, floundering in the endless drama of life and learning through pain.

The choice to become disconnected from the intelligence of your heart, your direct line to ‘home’ was yours to make and it was a very brave choice indeed but one which you all made in the knowing that you would all make it back home. This choice was supported and allowed by the Company of Heaven for it was seen the enormous value that was intrinsic to this fall into darkness. However, there was a time limit served upon this little adventure into the lower dimensions and limited consciousness and reign of the dark. This time is upon us Dear Ones, enough is enough you said and it was heard loud and clear.

Dear Ones it is time to regain your connection home and much much more. You see duality is a form of education for the soul which is perfectly acceptable within a certain spectrum. Your Father-Mother God allowed duality to be created within a certain acceptable spectrum to provide an arena in which you can find and experience yourself as a separate individualised presence of God. Never, I repeat, never was it intended that the spectrum of Light and Dark would stretch out as it has done, this is a miscreation of humanity.

In the accepted spectrum of duality all lessons are far more gentle than one experiences here on Earth and the Children of God never lose their connection home. Therefore any individual always has access to their Soul Plan, the path they have chosen before incarnation into the physical realm and have full and complete connection with all of their guides, teachers and guardians in the Higher Realms of existence. The whole experience is a gentle one and although it is physical and there are life experiences to be had, there is a peace and tranquillity and relaxation around this experience which is quite unlike the physical experience on Earth.

Do you understand my meaning Dear Ones? A physical experience in duality is an accepted Creation of Father-Mother God for their Children but was never intended to be so harsh and it was never intended that any Child of God would wander this experience with no connection ‘home’. This came about by humanities’ fall from Grace Eons ago when this connection home was severed.

The time has come for a great Divine Intervention to turn around this state of affairs. However Dear Ones, there is an important distinction you must understand. Not only are you having your connection ‘home’ returned to you, you are actually rising up through the dimensions, your Blessed Planet Earth is spinning up the spiral of Evolution taking all life evolving upon her with her. This means that you are coming home, while in the physical dimension of existence. So your connection home is being restored but ultimately you BECOME home. Because you are home. Dear Ones, you are bringing Heaven to Earth. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel, the keys to the Kingdom lie within your heart. God Bless you. Namaste.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy