Greeting Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you again today. It is my wish that the words I impart to you bring you comfort and ease, and perhaps a little enlightenment upon a great many subjects that are close to your heart and on some days I wish to clarify my teachings which have become very muddled along the way, sometimes even distorted for the gain of those who wished to twist my meaning to suit themselves. The time is fast approaching when all the Great Truths will be revealed to the mass of the people. For there is only One Truth.

Things have become so very muddled Dear Ones because the Great Wisdom Teachings that were imparted to the mass of the people in Ages past were given unto the people at the stage of evolution that was appropriate at that time. So even without the distortion for the gain of the greedy and power hungry, even pure teachings have been outgrown by the mass of the people. So if one takes this into consideration, on top of the outrageous manipulation of the facts by the world’s religions and now the advent of the ‘New Age’ movement,  then you see Dear Ones, upon this Earth is a great deal of confusion.

I will return to your Blessed Earth Dear Ones, for the mass of the people to see, some time in the future. For now, it is deemed by powers greater than myself that it is not safe upon your planet for any Ascended Being to incarnate. It has been decreed that no Ascended Master will incarnate upon your Earth until there are a sufficient number of people upon your Earth that are awake to a sufficient level. So, my Dear Ones, we have allocated messengers around your planet to bring forth the Truth and to disseminate this information to the mass of the people who will listen in order to prepare the way for the Great Coming of the Masters.

And you my Dear Ones, play a great part in this Divine Plan, for the time is coming Dear Ones, it is fast approaching when there will be great changes upon your planet and the mass of the people will be ready to listen to those who hold the Truth.  And as you know very well, the Truth always stands up to the test of time, the Truth always wins the day for every human being upon this Earth no matter how small their God spark or how dim their Light, every human being has the capacity to know the truth when they hear it, there is enough sense left in the mass of the people, once they are awake to the Truth of the extent to which the people of Earth have been kept under control, there is enough sense left and enough Light upon this planet that the mass of the people will know the Truth when they hear it.

For you my Dear Hearts, will be speaking it and my goodness your hearts are Blazing the Light of God for all to see. Even if you are not aware of it yourself Dear Hearts, you have grown so much, your consciousness has risen above all expectations and when you my Dear Ones impart words of wisdom they come forth from you radiating the vibration of your being, this vibration is of pure Light, for you are Children of the Light, the vibration of pure Light that you are is radiated out in the words that you speak, and it is this vibration that matters. Dear Ones, words are words, they can be extremely limiting and the same words can be spoken by 2 people but only those of the Light can animate the Truth in such a way that it lands, hits home so to speak, rings true and is unwavering.

Dear Ones, I am not asking of you that you begin to disseminate what you know to all the world, well not quite yet anyway! At this time Dear Ones, it is way more important that you LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Meaning you live your life according to what is true for you, paying no attention to the thoughts and judgements of others, paying no heed to what is expected of you either culturally or socially or what is expected of you by your family and living by listening, following and speaking from your Heart.

Dear Ones, this will become easier and easier as the Light increases daily upon your planet. You are a blazing Light of God and as all that is not you falls away, as you live the Truth of who you really are, you shine so brightly that you cannot be ignored by others. People will see the Light of God within you shining out of you, your eyes sparkling like gem stones and they will ask you, what makes you so special?

Dear Ones this is when you shall impart the Truth. That we are all special that each and every one of us upon this planet is a Son or Daughter of God. We are a Great Creator Race the I AM That I AM and you shall declare the Great words of God spoken through me, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. And you are Dear Ones you are. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Blessed Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy