Greetings Dear Ones, it is I Lord Emanuel come among you this day. It feels so good Dear Ones, so very good to be with you this day. For I AM with you right now as you read these words. Take a moment to feel my presence in whatever way you sense me. For I AM always here when you read my words and I will always come when you ask. And I invite you to call upon my presence whenever you need me. Although I understand that you may always feel the nudging to call upon me when you have a problem or are in some distress but today I would like to remind you that we can meet on more happy occasions, feel my Love radiate upon you in moments of triumph and joy as well as the dark days when you need my Light in the darkness. Whatever you would like to talk about I AM always here for you Dear Ones, rest awhile with me whenever you feel like it.

Dear Ones, I urge you to make this connection with the Higher Realms as often as you can remember, for this is where you can draw all the strength you need to ‘be in this world but not of it’. For this is the path of a Master. To be in this world but not of it. Meaning Dear Hearts that you exist in the physical realm upon your planet Earth but you do not engage in the world’s drama at the level of duality, in the push pull dynamic of the drama in which the mass of the people still operate. That is not to say that makes you more or better, it is just that you step out of the drama and of the mass consciousness that keeps you in fear and under control.

Dear Ones, this time around, in this 7th Golden Age you cannot do this without the help of the Ascended Realm. For in engagement and asking for assistance from the Higher Realms this is your ‘helping hand up’ if you like, out of the swamp of duality. This is the Higher power that can lift you from the grip of the mass consciousness, the step up that you need.

Dear Ones, in the past this was achieved over many many years in many many life times of dedicated study and focus. This time is very different. This time, because of the plight of humanity and for reasons that are beyond the scope of this particular message, you are being assisted like never before to lift out of the lower dimensions and escape the hold of the mass consciousness.

Reaching up to you own Christ consciousness and that of the Higher Realms gives you the strength that you need to be among the people of Earth, to function among the people, not hide away in a cave upon a mountain, or in a temple or a monastery. No Dear Ones, this time you walk among the people, very much like I did. But to walk among the people, to maintain relationships with family, friends and lovers that are ascended in their nature, a Higher Love so to speak, can only be achieved by the help and intervention of the Higher Realms in the linear time that is available to us.

Only the Divine Intervention of your Ascended family can give you the power and strength you need to be among people who do not understand you, to be among people who want to bring you down, to be among people who are unkind and do unkind things to other people. In order to be among the mass of the people and walk in your full Light, to speak in a loving manner, to not react to the harsh words of people, to take the higher ground in every moment, to not be affected by the outer world in any way can only be achieved with our help and assistance.

Allow us in and we will clear the way for you. Invite us into your life and we will remove the danger up ahead, we will smooth your path, we will arrange the right people to walk into your life at the right time, we will arrange things to happen for you just as you wish as long as this is in line with the greater good for all concerned.

Dear Ones, I AM not suggesting that you give your power away to the Higher Realms. This perhaps was rather an old way of thinking about us. We are your family, your Brothers and Sisters and we are no better than you, we are just a little farther along the path and when one attains this level of spiritual development, everything we do is to make the path behind us smoother, brighter, easier for our Brothers and Sisters behind us.

We blazed a trail for you to follow, I demonstrated upon this Earth what you can achieve in a life time upon this planet if you are willing to surrender to Higher powers and allow them in to guide you and trust that from this higher vantage point that we may be have a better idea of what is the best way for you to move forward in order to walk the narrow path of the Master.

Dear Ones, stop struggling alone. No human being can give you what you need in terms of spiritual nourishment. You know this, it’s why you seek solitude from the external world. Seek the Company of Heaven and you will receive all that you need to go out into the world with no fear, no shame, no guilt, no regret but with the Light of God Blazing like a sun upon your chest and the Love of God pouring out of you so that all shall be given unto you. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel ask and I will come. Let me walk with you. I Love you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy