It is I, Lord Emanuel. Greetings Dear Ones, as always it is my deep pleasure to be among you this day. It is nothing short of miraculous, yes? This technology, this ‘internet’ that allows me to communicate with you all over the world! And at this point I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of those workers of the Light who are now diligently translating these messages into various languages so that they are more easily accessible to those whose mother tongue is not English.

I personally thank you my Dear Hearts. Your willingness and dedication is not going unnoticed in the Higher realms and you are Loved beyond measure. Take a moment my Dear Ones to receive that. For you work so hard in the name of the Light, you give so much of yourselves so willingly and so selflessly and it is time now that you understand the value of what it is that you do. It is time now that you appreciate yourselves, that you allow yourself to receive the Love and support that is available to you in the Higher realms. For you are working in very challenging conditions. Many of you are in families that do not understand your perspective and will not accept your Truth. This can be very painful. Many of you are considered ‘weird’ by your friends and associates. Many of you work tirelessly for little or no financial gain and need or ask for little or no thanks for the honourable job that you do every day of your lives.

I am sure that you are all aware that you, by just existing upon this sweet Earth, are 'doing enough’. Just by being incarnate upon his planet ‘is enough ‘, you are enough and this is true of all of humanity whether they are consciously aware or not.

But those of you who are termed 'Lightworkers’ those of you who are workers of the Light, this is especially true of you. For just by being incarnate upon this planet you are a conduit for the Light and you are adding to the Light of Earth by grounding it upon the physical planet in the physical realm. So, by doing ‘nothing’ you are ‘doing‘ more than you can possibly imagine or fathom or comprehend in your physical reality at this moment.

So you see my Dear Ones, nearly all of you ‘do more’ than ‘just exist upon the planet’. You my Dear Hearts are, in addition to physically grounding the Light and shining it upon all that you encounter, you Dear Ones, are over and above helping to spread the Truth and the Light in a myriad of other ways.

It is time now that you understand the magnitude of your assistance and your contribution and the difference that you are making, it is staggering my Dear Ones, it is truly staggering and those of us in the Ascended realms are amazed and in awe of your achievements. Your beautiful Mother, planet Earth, your magnificent Mother, is now lit up like that which has not been seen upon her for 13 millennia, it truly is a sight to behold my Dear Ones, and if you could see what we of the Ascended Realm could see you would surely gasp in wonder, the enormity of what has been achieved upon this earth is unprecedented and the entire galaxy is cheering you on.

Receive this now Dear Ones, know that it is because of YOU that this has been achieved and it is because of YOU that the Divine Plan for the restoration of your beautiful planet will be fulfilled.

Time now Dear Hearts to stand strong in your knowing that you have, and continue to, surpass the expectations of what you came down here to achieve. Time to know, time to understand the enormity of your contribution and the enormity of the difference you have made and continue to make.

Time now, to take great care of yourselves, to nurture yourselves, to support one another and value your Brothers and Sisters for the amazing gifts that you all are and the beauty you bring to this planet. Each and every one of you is a Divine Gift upon this Blessed Earth and you are Loved my Dear Hearts like the precious treasure you are. This is my Promise to you.  I AM Lord Emanuel, take time now Dear Ones to receive and remember your worth.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy