Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this day and with more energy than ever before do I greet you this morning. Can you feel it Dear Ones? Those of you who are very sensitive to the changing energies will already be aware of this and I urge each and every one of you to take a moment to feel. Pause for one moment my Dear Hearts and take one very deep breath and as you do so feel the expansion within you and allow all the Love and Light that is available to you be received. No matter how you are feeling in this present moment you cannot fail to be lifted. Feel me now, with you as you read these words and take another deep breath, this time knowing that I AM with you, that I can see all your worries, all that holds you back and give it all to me Dear Ones, if just for the time we have here.

For this lifting of burdens, my Dear Ones is the natural way for the Ascended Being, a natural tendency when exchanging any kind of communication with another Being. To ease, to comfort, to soothe, to understand, to assist in any way possible with a heart so full of Love it is overflowing and pouring all over that Being and this is not dependant on that Being. Meaning, no matter how far from showing their status as a Child of God that Being is, no matter how far their behaviour might be from showing that they are a Divine Spiritual Being, no matter what words may come out of that person, no matter how far from the Light of God they are matters not.

My Dear Hearts you are closer than ever to this state of being. This is your natural state. It is time now to start to look upon your fellow Beings as Children of God and looking upon all life as the impersonal expression of Father-Mother God. God is omnipresent, this means God is everywhere and this has meaning in a very literal sense, the very fabric of all the Universe is of God, is Created from All That Is. And you are a Child of God made in the image of God and therefore all that you see, every Being that you meet is of YOU, is of Creation.

This may be a concept that is one step beyond for some of you but I ask you to lay aside any preconceived ideas for just a short time. I ask you to think about this Truth. We are all One. This is a many layered concept that you will understand layer upon layer as you awake my Dear Ones. But at the very core of this many layered concept lies the truth that the very fabric of this Universe is of you, everything you see, feel, touch, smell is of you. So my Dear friends, not only are your fellow humans your Brothers and Sisters, they are in effect, you! We are all One and we are all living, breathing and existing within All That Is, as we are existing in separate bodies in the physical plane of existence.

So when you cast judgement upon another soul you judge yourself. When you scorn another for their misguided actions, you scorn yourself. When you deem another as less than you, you demean yourself. When you anger at another you are angry with yourself. When you criticise another, you criticise yourself. You are getting the picture my Dear Ones I think!

Equally so, when you look upon another human being with total compassion, with the deep understanding that they are a beautiful Child of God NO MATTER WHAT they are presenting to you on the outside, when you open your heart, which contains within it the Light and Love of God and allow the Love of God flow out of your heart and the Light of God shine forth from your chest like a blazing sun upon another human being or animal or plant or any living thing upon this earth, you are pouring the Love of Father-Mother God upon yourself.

This indeed can be understood in a literal sense when you can understand that any Light or Love of God that pours forth from you radiates out into the Universe and is heard and felt by every Being in Creation. The Light of God and the Love of God that pours forth from your heart literally has your name on it, your energy signature and it can be read and felt by every Being in the whole of Creation and that Love and Light is felt and returned back to you by every being in Creation. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. And yes, that is a lot of Love indeed Dear Ones. It is yours, radiate it, receive it and the Kingdom of Heaven is given unto you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy