Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to you this day and I greet you my Dear Ones with all the Love in my heart. How are you today? Feel me now my Blessed Hearts, I AM with you. Let me ease your burden for the time we have together as you read these words. Let me carry your load, for it is a heavy burden you have been carrying and for so long now Dear Ones.  But you are very close my brave Hearts, so very close now to the time that many of you will not believe is upon you. The time when you can lay down your heavy load, lay it down upon the side of the road and walk away from it as you cross the bridge, for you do not need your heavy load on the other side. My Dear Ones, many times have you reached the foothills, many times have you scaled the side of the mountain and many times the summit has eluded you. This indeed has been a long journey for you Dear Ones, longer than any of you know at this moment but this time Dear Ones, you are Victorious.

Your Victory is assured, you have already made it, this is seen and is assured, for we in the Ascended Realm can see what lies ahead for you. You are Victorious Dear Ones, you are Victorious.  This little episode in the history of the Earth and of mankind where the dark forces were allowed to take control is over. There was always a time limit placed upon this dark reign over you because although your planet is a free-will planet and within the Universal Law Heaven cannot intervene and the dark rule was of your own miscreation, there was a limit placed upon this edict and it was for the protection of your Mother Earth whose selfless act was to remain with the children of Earth through their dark days in the shadow lands. For her protection it is decreed that no civilisation is allowed to destroy the planet upon which they live. The living and breathing soul that is Lady Gaia upon which you depend for your life is protected by Universal Law. When her very existence was threatened a Divine Plan was put into action to preserve her and all life evolving upon her.

As such, a time limit was imposed upon the dark rule upon your surface earth and this period of time is over and is in the process of being ‘wound up’ as we speak. The Light of God never fails and the Love of God is always Victorious. My Dear Ones, you may relax and congratulate yourselves, for you are on the winning team!

I understand Dear Ones that you are very short of evidence in the outer world to confirm this reality but you must understand that the final death throes of any outgoing power always produces the effect of a short lived burst of what would appear to be a worsening of their ways. We all hoped the dark ones would surrender to the Light and go in peace. We all hoped that many more of them would have seen the error of their ways and the futility of clinging to power in these last moments but this has not happened and in fact in their desperate attempts to cling to power they have become more desperate in rolling out the same old formulas that have worked for them in the past and at greater speed.

My Dear Ones, a defeated animal that knows there is no escape can be a very vicious thing indeed. This is why I urge you with all my heart to ignore all evidence that is presenting that things are not changing and I urge you with all my heart to focus only on that which is positive in this world.

My Goodness Dear Ones, if you could see how you are doing from our vantage point you would see an overwhelming amount of evidence of change for the good. If you could see the amount of incredibly brave and courageous souls who are finding the strength and the heart to stand up and say no to that which they do not believe to be right. If you could see the number of seemingly little things that everyday people are doing, small changes in the way they think and act, pennies are dropping all over the world, lights are being switched on as people are taking notice of all the corruption and greed that is being exposed almost daily now.

And let us not forget you Dear Ones. If only you could see the amount of Light you are adding to this world, if you could only see what you have achieved you would not waste one second of your time in doubt or fear or in negative thinking.

Dear Ones feel it! You are Victorious! Allow that feeling to expand exponentially within you, Shine! Shine! Shine!  your Light Brighter! Brighter! Brighter! than ever before. The scales are tipping and your world will side into Heaven faster than you can blink. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Shine On my Brave Ones.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy