Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who comes to greet you this day. And it is another fine day upon your Mother Earth, another day filled with promise and possibility. Another day upon which to write your story, the story of your life. I wonder what story you will write today Dear Ones. Will it be the same as yesterday? And the day before? or will it be a new day filled with new adventure and new ways? Do you wish to have a life of adventure and excitement or do you wish a quiet life of peace and seclusion or do you wish to write the story of your life day by day depending on how you are feeling on that particular day or do you wish to write your story moment by moment depending on how you are feeling in any given moment?

Do you feel you can Dear Ones? Are you free to write your own story? Father-Mother God’s original intention for your Dear Ones was to be born into the physical realm in order to experience all that the physical realm has to offer, each life time would be carefully thought out and a plan for certain experiences that you wished to experience would be put in place before incarnation and in the physical realm your connection to Father-Mother God would be clear enough for you to receive guidance from higher realms and from Father-Mother God so that your chosen experiences were played out in the physical. But there is something very special about your Earth experience in that planet Earth is a free-will planet. Meaning once born into the physical realm, you, Dear Ones are sovereign Beings with free will.

Father-Mother God wanted for their children total freedom; freedom of expression, freedom of creation, freedom to be whoever and whatever in any given moment.

Dear Ones are you free? Can you wake up in the morning and decide what story you will write in your life’s chapter this day? For this is exactly how Father-Mother God intended you to live, this is how and why Mother Earth was created, to support your lives in this way. Mother Earth was created to provide for you a bountiful Garden of Eden, a God supply of all things that you would need in abundance. Free.

Father-Mother God did not intend for you to have to work for such basic things as food, shelter and water. These are Sacred gifts from your Father-Mother God and they are provided in bountiful and splendid supply. The diversity of colour, flavour, size, shape, texture of all that Mother Earth supplies to you is mind boggling, on this Blessed Earth all of your needs are taken care of, each and every soul on this Blessed Earth has a God supply of everything provided for them. Mother Earth was given to the human race a bountiful paradise in which to play, Create and experience the wonders of the physical realm. This is Heaven on Earth and this is what was originally intended for you Dear Ones.

And despite all that has happened since then, despite the apparent lack of resources, despite the grey concrete of your cities and towns, despite the dirty water and the polluted oceans, despite all that seems to be wrong on this Earth, you Dear Ones, still have the power to wake up in the morning and decide what story of your life you are going to write that day.

Despite how it may look to you, no one else can write your story. Despite what you may have been taught to believe, no one and nothing can control you. Money cannot control you, food cannot control you, your governments cannot control you. You were born free and you will die free and it is your God given right to live in total freedom exactly as you please in between your birth and your death.

Dear Ones your leaders and your governments have created a world for you that has enslaved you. But you cannot blame your leaders or your governments or the dark ones for this, for only you can control your mind or allow your mind to be controlled. At some level you give permission for this.

Dear Ones it is time to remember that you are free. Only fear keeps you on your knees and under the control of others and under the control of money. So Dear Ones, what wonderful story will you write in your book of life today? Will you be the hero/heroine? Will you be the noble and kind soul, will you be filled with Love and move through your day in the wonder of Creation? Will you allow the Universe to show you the magic of its intricately woven genius that will unfold before you as you walk through life? Will you be the kind face and the smiling eyes that will make someone’s day? Will you perform some random act of kindness on an unsuspecting loved one or complete stranger?

Dear Ones, a life of excitement and adventure, of fairytales and romance is waiting for you. Do not allow another to write your story, it is yours and you are free to be whoever you want to be. Dare to be the magnificent Creator Beings you are with all the Love, Wisdom and Power of God and Heaven on Earth will be yours. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I am watching your epic adventure unfold, my brave warriors of Light. I AM with you with every breath you take.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy