Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel this fine day and it is a fine day, no matter what the outer world weather or news or any such matter presents to you, no matter what the external circumstances, my Dear Ones, it is a fine day upon Mother Earth.

Your Earth Mother is under your feet. No matter where you are physically, indoors or outside, you are connected to your Earth Mother. You are made of the same elements as she, she is your Mother. And what have we done to our Mother? Why has such destruction and havoc been ravaged upon her body without a care? Why are her oceans poisoned, her rivers toxic, her caves polluted, her tectonic plates unable to glide smoothly as her body is plundered for oil and gas? Why Dear Ones do we think this is acceptable and for so long, why do we sit idly by as it continues to happen? Why?

Because Dear Hearts for many many years you have been taught that your Mother Earth is just a rock upon which you live, a random occurrence in your Universe, nothing but a lifeless rock that just so happens to have, in abundant supply, everything all life evolving upon her should ever need. This belief had led you to believe it is OK to take from her with no thanks, to think that it is OK to contaminate her soil with manmade chemicals, that it is OK to flood her oceans with waste and effluent from industrial processes. This total detachment from her has led to this arrogant and destructive and very dangerous behaviour toward your Mother.

Once Dear Hearts, you all knew how to exist on your Mother in total harmony with her. You knew how to honour her, how to access her bountiful supply without harming her in any way but by being a harmonious being with full knowing that you are intricately woven into her ecosystems and are an integral part of her body.

What happened to this knowledge? What happened to this understanding, knowledge and knowing? It is not lost Dear Ones, it was given to the Indigenous people of this earth to keep and protect. Each of the 13 tribes has all the knowledge required to re-educate the entire population in the ways of harmonious living upon your earth Mother. This information was preserved upon your Earth as part of the Divine Plan to restore her to her former glory upon the dawning of the 7th Golden Age. This knowledge has been successfully protected and preserved by the diligent efforts of the indigenous peoples of Earth. These tribes know of their Divine Mission and their information will be imparted when the time is right to those who can implement real and lasting change upon your Mother.

Dear Ones, the people of Earth must come to terms with the fact that your earth is your Mother before the tides of change are upon us. You must understand that the fundamental ignorance of the Mother’s presence runs deep within the human psyche and here is the root of the demise of your planet. The Divine Feminine is your Mother Earth and until the balance of masculine and feminine is restored upon the surface of your Mother, until the degradation of women stops upon the surface earth, until the respect and reverence for the divine feminine is restored upon your mother, you will not fully comprehend the devastating consequences of your collective human actions upon the being that is your Mother Earth, our Lady Gaia.

The rise of female power is not to be feared Dear Hearts, there is nothing to be frightened of, her power is gentle and her power provides nurturing, it is supportive and is Love and when revered, it provides you with everything you could possible wish for. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and today I pour my Love upon all those brave enough to choose a female embodiment in this incarnation. You do not know how brave you are.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy