Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this glorious day. Isn’t it just glorious Dear Ones? Take a moment to really breathe in life, breathe in all that is good. Think of one thing you are grateful for this day and breathe in that gratitude, allow it to fill your whole being and exhale out any tension or negative thoughts you may have floating through your mind. Know that I AM with you in this moment. Know that you are never alone in any moment, Dear Ones. Never.

This can be such a difficult concept to grasp and one that can cause such inner conflict and frustration on the days when you simply can’t believe it to be true. The days when all the evidence points to support the ‘truth’ that you are alone. The days when you think you can’t take any more, the days when you are so weary of this life and the ways of mankind, the days when you feel misunderstood or that no one on this earth understands you or sees your heart. On these days the evidence can be so overwhelming that the words ‘you are never alone’ can sometimes bring no comfort at all.

Dear Ones, when you are so entrenched in the physical realm and totally overcome by the density and the collective consciousness it can be vey difficult to believe that you are never alone. When you feel so physically separate from the higher dimensions, when you cannot see us or hear us, some days it can take all your strength and faith not to become jaded and hurt, to feel abandoned and helpless.

My Dear Hearts, deep within all of you, entrenched into the very core of your being is a belief that God abandoned you. Many of you came to experience a myriad of challenges in this life time, many of you came to experience very harsh circumstances in this very special life time in order to thoroughly ‘clean out your closet’ for an opportunity for accelerated growth during this unprecedented time. However, this time, at the core of each of your experiences being played out in this life time is abandonment. Each of you will be experiencing at some level the sense of total abandonment. This is coming up to be dealt with in all of you so that you can finally be clear and free from the core belief that your Father-Mother God abandoned you.

Dear Ones, God never abandoned you. In the Great Fall from Grace, through your own miscreation, humanity fell so deep into the 3rd dimension that your connection to Father-Mother God was all but lost. All that remained was the tiny flicker of Light in your heart, the God spark that flickers within all of you. The Light of God remained but your connection and therefore sense of Oneness, comfort, peace and harmony was lost. In the pain and confusion and over the millennia it has become ingrained into humanity’s collective consciousness that a wrathful God abandoned his wayward children and this excruciatingly painful sense of isolation and rejection remains to be healed in all of you.

My Dear Ones, many of you are feeling this pain now as it is coming up to be released and transmuted back into the Light. At a time when you are expecting to feel Oneness, many of you may be feeling more isolated or in more pain as the final death throes of duality consciousness seem to bring your personal worlds into more chaos as old patterns are breaking down and old connections are breaking up as everything that does not serve you is falling away.

Dear Ones now is the time to fully accept that your Father-Mother God never abandoned you. Father-Mother God left a tiny piece of All That Is in you and your Individualised Great God Presence the I AM That I AM has always been with you, waiting, waiting for you to turn to the Light and to look up and look within for your comfort, for your peace, for your harmony and for the inner strength and guidance to navigate this seemingly complicated and harsh outer world.

Dear Ones, whenever the feeling of loneliness overcomes you, when you feel there is no other human being can comfort you, look within, know that your Great God Presence I AM has always been with you and allow in that comfort, that Unconditional Love and understanding, unspeakable appreciation and guidance.

Allow in your Great God Presence I AM in total acceptance that you are never judged and you are Loved and appreciated beyond words, allow in your Great God presence I AM every day and you will know, you will be left in no doubt that you are never alone. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. I will walk with you every step, if you will allow me.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy