Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to speak with you again. It is my great privilege and honour that I may be among you today. For those of you who read and resonate deeply with these messages, I AM with you now. Take a moment to feel my presence, receive the Love and healing that is available to you in this moment. Take a moment to be still and to receive.

And this is the subject upon which I wish to speak this day. Receiving. This, my Dear Hearts, is something that the human race has all but forgotten how to do well! The majority of human beings are excellent at giving, it is second nature to most of you and especially those of you who read these messages, you are especially gifted with giving. And while this is a Divine gift in its own right, nothing is healthy when it is out of balance. And actually in reality many people give and give and give to a degree that is not healthy and I can and I will go as far as to say their giving is actually taking.

Let me explain a little further Dear Ones as this may be a little confusing to some of you. Sometimes one gives in order to feel worthy. In order to ‘prove our worth ‘ in the world we give. We give of our time, we give of our money and we give of our energy to others in order to feel better. When the motivation for giving is to make ourselves feel better then the exchange of energy is always for the benefit of those who are giving. When one gives from a place of needing to feel better about oneself, it is still a need. It is giving from a place of need. And when giving from a place of need, without realising it, you are actually taking, energetically speaking.

Many, many of you precious Hearts give of yourself when you have nothing to give. Quite without realising it and with such wholesome intention you give of yourselves when the tank is empty so to speak, and this is something that cannot sustain itself. Something has to give and giving giving giving with no receiving will lead to unhealthy habits in order to constantly attempt to ‘fill up’. This is unconscious receiving.

Dear Ones this unhealthy and unbalanced way of living can be very easily addressed by learning how to consciously receive.  In fact I would go so far as to say unto you, Dear Hearts, put this first above all other practise. Learn to receive. And what do I mean by receive Dear Ones?  

So many of you ask for help from the Ascended realm and from Father-Mother God, you pray and you ask and you pray and you ask, you are very good at this! Dear Ones you ask but do not then receive. Your prayers are always answered, you questions are always answered everything you ever ask for is given unto you but you do not wait around long enough to receive that which you asked for! I am especially talking about receiving energy, receiving Father-Mother God into your being, receiving Guidance, receiving Light, all this can be done on a conscious level but it is so alien to most of you that you are not in the habit of making time to receive and yes that means in your terms making time ‘to do nothing’!!

Dear Ones you are so busy busy busy, doing this, doing that,  all so very important and all so very fast and all so very totally distracted from your God self and all that is available to you in every moment!!

Take time, Dear Ones to receive. It is the most important thing you can do in your daily life and yet you will all tell me (and yourselves!) that you have way more important things to do, that you simply do not have the time. This is a strategy Dear Ones, to avoid your greatness, for that is what you step into when you allow and receive the Love of Father-Mother God and the Ascended and Angelic Realms into your life every day.

Receiving help Dear Ones is something we all must now do. Reach out Dear Ones, reach out, to your fellow humans, receive them, reach out to the Ascended Realm, receive us, reach out to the Angelic Realm, receive them, reach out to Father -Mother God, receive All That is. Learn to receive and all shall be given unto Thee. This I my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Receive me today. God Bless you Dear Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy