Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to speak with you this day. And this is a special day upon your Earth is it not? And it might well be my favourite day of the year, if I were to have a favourite, for it is the day in celebration of Love. My heart rejoices, for what else could be more worthy of a day of celebration!! It is truly beautiful that the focus of one whole day can be upon Love. And yes, I understand that your society has gotten a little out of hand with selling over priced merchandises and all manner of things and that human beings that are not in a loving relationship can feel abandonment and rejection on this day but I say to you it is what it is and why not make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember?

For whether you are alone or whether you are in a relationship or whether you are in the middle of a painful separation or divorce or no matter what your circumstance we can turn this day into an Almighty force for good and in honour of the most omnipresent and powerful force in the Universe, Love.

My Dear Ones, Love is all there is and it is with Love that the Light will be Victorious upon this planet. The forces of the dark know nothing of Love for they cannot feel it and because of this lack of feeling they do not understand the Almighty Power of Love.

But you do my Dear Ones, you understand the power of Love and together we are washing and bathing this planet in an Almighty Ocean of Love and it is this Love that will restore the original Divine perfection to your Mother Earth.

Let us harness the power of Unity on this day and take full advantage of the fact that many more hearts than is normal are focussed upon matters of the Heart today. Will you do this with me today Dear Ones? Although you may be going through challenging times and may not yet feel like and Ascended Being upon an Ascended planet, you are an open door to the Light of God, you are an instrument of God and as such can make an enormous difference to the world. It is time to keep shining your Light and keep shining your Light!!

And so Dear Hearts focus first upon the heart flame in your chest and FEEL the Love of God in your Heart, feel your chest cavity expand and expand like a great sun radiating out the Light of God and imagine your Heart now spreading out out out expanding and expanding to touch and Light up other workers of the Light across the Globe and imagine that Light is getting more powerful and brighter as it joins up all over the world and becomes so bright that it Lights up every man, woman and child upon this Blessed earth. And just hold that Light Dear Ones. Hold that Light for all your Brothers and Sisters upon this planet and make your focus Love. Love Love Love. Spread the Light of the Father and the Love of our Mother God all over this planet to every man, woman and child and every living thing evolving upon the surface of Mother Earth. Keep bringing the Light down from Father- Mother God into your I AM presence and through you out into the world.

Thank you Precious Hearts. The difference you are making is nothing short of miraculous.

Can you feel it? Can you feel a difference in you? Are you noticing that you feel a little different this morning? I know these are possibly the most challenging times you have faced so far but can you see through the instability that there is solid ground ahead? Can you see through the confusion there is clarity right up ahead? Can you feel it Dear Ones? Can you feel that through the smallness you can see greatness ? and through lack of conviction there lies Authority right up ahead.

Dear Ones on this day of Love it is so important that we send Love out to our Brothers and Sisters who yet still may slumber but I ask one more thing of you this day. Will you, Dear Hearts, take some time this day to receive Love? Allow yourself to be loved. By another if you have a Loving partner of course but I am talking about an altogether deeper Love this day.

Will you lay your bodies down this day my Dear Ones and give us in the Ascended Realm just 10 minutes of your time that you may receive the Love of your family? Mother Mary, Princess Mary Magdalena, Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Goddess of Venus, Buddha, Quan Yin, my Goodness there is a list a mile long of the Ascended Masters who are waiting to pour upon you their Ascended Master Love and waiting to bestow upon you their Ascended Master gifts and of course there is myself. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love is available to you every second of every minute of every day. This is my promise to you. Hold Love in your hearts today my Blessed ones.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy