Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to greet you once more this day! It is my great honour to impart some words today that they may Light your path a little brighter and make your footsteps a little easier even if just for a little while, even if just for today. In fact just for today Dear Ones, let’s see if we can make all your worries disappear! Now would not that be nice?! Would not that be a sigh of relief? Would not that be a great weight of your back? Would not that make life easy?

You know Dear Hearts crazy as it might sound, you can do this right now. Yet this is the part that so many of you struggle with and I see struggling with right now. Your outer world still controls you and still manages to dictate to you what kind of a life you have. Dear Ones, you all know the process of reality creation, yes? You all know the theory, yes? You all accept it as your Truth that we all Create our own reality with the thoughts we think and the actions we do and the words we speak?

It is unlikely that you have stumbled upon this message without having an understanding of these fundamentals of Universal Law of Attraction. A few stragglers that may have got here without this knowing, well, for those of you new to this, here’s news! Your reality, your external reality, that which you experience is a direct result of your thoughts, words deeds and actions. Every single thing you experience in life is of your own creation, without exception! Without exception! Nothing, no one, no circumstance or event takes place without your having created the circumstances, without you having magnetised all the people, places and elements together. Quite an eye opener is that!!

And if you already know this, which is the majority of those reading these messages, why is it such a difficult thing to put in to practise? Dear Ones you are not alone in your struggle with this. It is very challenging to pull yourself from the density from which you have come. But I will say this unto you, it is becoming easier and easier every day, every day that your earth travels through her new density and continually heads into the higher and higher frequencies, this process will get easier for you.

Now it is time to look at what is not working for you. Now is time to take an HONEST inventory of what is and what is not working for you and given the Universal Law of Attraction on that we just spoke, then why? If you are the Creator of your own reality who else is responsible for the outer world that you live in?

It is a sobering thought Dear Ones. A sobering thought indeed, IF you use judgement by which to measure your ‘success’! My goodness Dear Ones you are doing spectacularly well but I hear you Dear Ones, I hear you judge yourselves with such harshness... "after all the books I have read, after all the workshops I have attended, after all the CD’s I have listened to in the car on the Laws of Attraction, Why? Why? Why? Am I not infinitely abundant by now? Why am I not full of limitless joy by now?". I hear you.

And Dear Ones, here lies a part of your sticking point. Many of you have been on this path for so long, many of you teach others or spread the words far and wide and yet still cannot find personal abundance or the exquisite happiness that you know is your birthright. It is this judgement that you should be further along the road than you are, personally, financially, or in your job, it is this that prevents you from taking an honest look at the reality of things.

So stop. Take a deep breath. You are where you are and that is OK. It is more than OK, it is exactly where you intended to be ‘by now’!  You are where you are, there is no other place you can be and to resist where you are right now is to resist life.

So, from a place of deep Love and appreciation for where you are in life, now take an honest look and see what is working for you and where you might like to improve things. Write them down... Just for today take one area, write down what improvements you would like to see. Work out where you are now and where you would rather be. And Build a vision. Build a vision of that which would be the dream reality and spend 2 minutes in this waking dream, put yourself there, and most importantly FEEL all the emotions and feelings you feel in this place. This is key to becoming the vibrational match for what it is you seek to magnetise to you.

Dear Ones, you may have heard this many times before and this is because IT WORKS. The only reason it may not work is because you do not actually do it, and that is OK!

Dear Hearts be honest with yourself, see yourself as we see you and that is without judgement. See everything in life as a tool to navigate with, not something to be judged as good or bad, pass or fail and go easy on yourself. Start to make it a practise to visualise the areas of your life you wish to improve. Get support from a friend who can hold you accountable for doing it.

Change your inner world, and your outer world HAS to follow. This Is Universal Law. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Ask for my help and I WILL COME.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy