Dear Ones, It is I, Lord Emanuel to greet you this day! How are you this day? Do you know how treasured you are? My goodness, you are held in immeasurable, unspeakable Love and appreciation from the Higher realms. Your Source, All that Is, holds you in a Love so deep and all encompassing. Feel it now Dear Ones, feel that Love your Father-Mother God has for you. Know you are loved beyond all measure, every morning on looking upon the new day, on gazing upon the sunrise, know this Dear Ones and allow it into your heart. Take it with you out into your day. For there is not one second of one minute of any day that your Father-Mother God is not holding you in deep Love and appreciation for who you are.

And who are you my Dear Ones? Are you getting any closer to this answer? Who AM I and why AM I here? These must be the biggest questions of all time and asking such profound questions has led many great men and women to their path of Light and ultimately their path home. I think many of you Dear Hearts know already why you are here. Many of you reading these messages already have a clear purpose in that you have an awareness of the Light already and are clearly in service to the Light in all the myriad ways that are required upon the surface of your planet.

But how many of you know who you are? This is an altogether much more difficult question to answer in your world. For although your planet has exited 3rd density, the effects of it are still lingering and you were all brought up in a 3rd dimensional world. The consequences of being raised as a child in the 3rd dimension of your planet Earth, where the Fall from Grace meant that your 3rd dimensional reality brought in a spectrum of Duality that was far from the original intention for Earth. Father-Mother God did not create the 3rd dimensional reality which you found yourself a part of on planet Earth. No, Dear Ones, this 3rd dimensional reality is manmade, is of manmade creation. The spectrum, the contrast between Light and Dark is way way way beyond that which had been originally Created and deemed acceptable for learning and growth of the Soul by your Creator, Father-Mother God.

So you found yourselves growing up, quite by choice, in a duality consciousness with a huge spectrum and with huge contrast available.  In this environment, it is all but impossible to grow up staying connected to who you are. And that of course is why you came here in the first place, to experience the vast contrast available to you on the planet and therefore to expand very quickly.

Dear Hearts, it is the bravest of the brave who volunteer for this ride because with no memory and a childhood in duality, you lose yourself. You become lost in identity. From day 1 labels are placed upon you ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’, already you are treated according to your society’s rules and accepted behaviour around your gender. You will be judged on your size and weight at birth, your hair colour and amount of hair and the colour of your skin. The minute you enter this physical world on planet Earth you are judged, labelled and identified. This immediately separates you from yourself and from others. This process of separation continues as you grow, you are told you are bad, wrong, stupid, clever, a mischief maker, an athlete, an acedemic and if you are in female embodiment you are taught that you are inferior to those of the male gender.

Non truth after non truth is fed to you Dear Ones and you identify with that which you believe to be true of you and in doing so you lose yourself.

Dear Ones you are in the process of remembering who you are.  Starting to peel back the layers and layers of conditioned behaviour and limiting beliefs about yourself that affect your reality now. You are a child of God, each and every one of you has been gifted with all the powers of Creator. You are a Master Creator having a human experience. It is time to start to notice what is conditioning and what is Truth in yourself. Start to question everything you were told, especially about yourself and start to notice how much of that you took on as your Truth.

Dear Ones, you are perfect. Right now, just as you are. Accept this as your Truth, know this with every cell in your body. You are enough, you are whole and you are Loved beyond measure, no matter what labels have been placed upon you that you believe to be true. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel, I Love you beyond measure and there is nothing you can tell me about yourself that would change that. Absolutely nothing.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy