Dear Ones it is Lord Emanuel that greets you this day! I have come this day to impart some words of comfort, some words of wisdom that you may carry through your day. My messages are little seeds planted within your mind. You may think that you do not retain the information contained within these messages, you may think that they flow out like water. Fret not Dear Ones, every single word you read goes in and stays in whether you are aware of it or not and the wisdom contained within these words can and will be re-called by you when you need it. And like a seed, if nourished and watered, this information will grow as you collect your own insights and wisdoms gathered from your experience here on Earth. And as you grow my Dear friends , as the frequency of your being rises, and it cannot fail to do that, so too does your own wisdom, your own intuition, your own knowing of the great wonders and mysteries and wisdom of the Universe and in time, you will be able to tap into All That Is, all the knowing of the Universe and one day, you may write messages of your own to spread wisdom and teachings far and wide to those who walk a little further behind you on the path home.

Indeed, all things shall be given unto thee, thee who knows himself, thee who walks the path of Light, thee who gives up the illusion of this world and steps into the reality of spirit. And you will know my name as you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom awaits you my Dear Ones and it awaits you right here on Earth. Thy will be done, in Heaven as it is on Earth, means exactly that my Dear friends and although we are here to guide you, to assist you and to impart great wisdom teachings to you, ultimately it is down to you, the children of Earth, the free- will planet, it is up to you my Dear Hearts to bring this into reality, to bring the great restoration of your planet into fruition. You my Dear Ones, with your power of free will can create Heaven on Earth as it once was eons ago.

Those of the Light, you who read these messages, the time is now. The time is now to stop looking at the outer world for evidence of that which is true. It is time to look within every single day of your existence and ignore that which is presented to you in your outer world. Within you is the power to Create, within you is the power to change the face of you entire planet. Within you lies the power of the magnificent Creator beings you are.

You stand my Dear Ones on the dawning of the 7th Golden Age, you stand in the pause before the show really gets started and this is an Almighty opportunity for you to really dig deep within yourselves, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary you must not give up your efforts, you must double your efforts indeed, strengthen your resolve that all your planet’s problems will be solved, that all the solutions will present themselves and the people of earth will finally take control of their destiny, take back control of their lives and demand change and demand the sacred protection of your individual sovereignty as Master Creators that you are.

Dear Ones there is no getting away from it, this is your planet for now, you are the Guardians of this sweet Earth and it is up to you to restore her to her former glory and return this planet to the Light. This cannot be done alone, and you are not alone, you know this to be true and yet you still do not harness the power that you have at your finger tips. Still you linger in doubt and in fear. Dear Ones it is time to finally throw of the shackles of fear and doubt. Stand up in you Great God power and Great God Glory and we of the Ascended realm and Angelic host stand right behind you with all the powers of the Universe to support you, to protect you and to assist you in every way possible in accordance with Universal Law.

You have the power to change this world; it is time to come together in this knowing. Reach out to your Brothers and Sisters, share what you know, share what you have, come together in Love and Unity and you shall walk into paradise. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel, I Love you and I AM with you every step of the way.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy