Greeting Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this magnificent day! How are you my precious Blessed souls? Each and every one of you so special, so bright, such a beacon of the Light of God and many of you, in fact all of you do not understand the full extent of the words I speak. You are the Light of God. Nice words to say and of course words must first be rolled around the intellect before they can descend into the heart and integrate into the body and become more than a concept but a reality made manifest within you.

All of you are yet to fully understand what it means to be the Light of God. You are the Light of the world, physical conduits breathing in the increasing amounts of Light with which your planet is so being bombarded increasingly on a daily basis and as many of you know has taken on another level of fulfilment as the comet ISON was absorbed into your physical sun on the day of giving thanks in the lands of north America, the 28th day of November in your calendar.

This Light you are taking in every day and is radiated out of you and you become literally a radiator of the Light of God, for that is what you are. And that is what you have always been. The events that have now come to be known as the Great Fall from Grace, eons ago almost extinguished the Light of God within you but that Light can never go out, it merely withdrew, so to speak, into itself and reduced itself to the least possible size in an energetic sense, just enough to exist within you, the spark of God, the spark of Divinity that dwells within the Heart of every man, woman and child on Earth.

The process of returning to your Divinity, that which you were before the Great Fall and that which you were Created to be and have always been, requires you to nurture and grow this spark within you until it gains such momentum that it bursts into the Flames of God. And all of you who are reading these messages have done enough work, have nurtured and grown this Divinity within to such an extent that you now have Flames of God burning so brightly within your chest cavity, your spiritual Heart centre.

You see Dear Ones, you have lived many, many lives in 12 million years of duality and you have been on the road home for many of these life times. I shall speak the truth and tell you Dear Ones that you have spent many lives going round and round in circles, chasing your tail if you will but Dear Hearts you precious souls found the spark within, turned to the Light lifetimes ago and have been on a spiritual path, a dedicated student of the Light ever since and here you are now and whether you know it or not you have the Light of God blazing in your chest cavity, the 3 fold Flames of God within and they burn with ever increasing intensity as you remember who you are and you call upon the lifetimes of study and knowledge that are held within your spiritual brain centres that have lain dormant for millennia.

You know more than you can fathom and you have powers that you have forgotten and many of you cannot believe this to be true, many of you feel very human, despite the fact that you know you are different from the mass of the people, you still feel very human with little or no powers beyond the human realm of what is possible.

This may yet be true for most of you but I tell you this Dear Hearts, you have all the power of God. Did you hear me or do I have to say that again? I am being humorous Dear Hearts, I know you hear me but did you stop long enough to let that in? You have ALL the powers of your Father-Mother God and like a rosebud forming you are on the way to blossoming into all of what you truly are.

Now Dear Hearts, you must pay attention to the Flames of God within your Heart, this is where God resides within you, this is All There Is and it is right there within your physical body. This is what is meant by ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be given unto you’.

Dear Ones, come closer now, for this is the knowledge that has been kept from you for too long and the Holy Grail that all mystics seek to know and discover! This is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Flames of God within your Heart exist within your physical body and to seek the Kingdom all you have to do is turn within Dear Ones, turn within to face God and all shall be given unto you.

Dear Precious Hearts, I cannot impress this upon you enough. Look within, look within, look within, visualise the Flames of God blazing within your chest cavity, turn your attention here and that alone shall expand, expand, expand this centre within you until The Great God I AM is the only acting Presence within your mind, body and feelings and you will fulfill your destiny to embody the Mighty Christ I AM upon this Earth.

Dear Hearts to the left you have the Pink Flame of Love, in the middle, the Golden Flame of Wisdom and to the right the Blue Flame of Power. God’s 3 fold Flame. Place your attention here, visualise your Heart Flames as you meditate and all shall be given unto you. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you with all the Love of my Heart Flames of God! God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy