Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to greet you this day, I trust you all have passed through the festive season relatively unscathed! I am chuckling to myself as I have come to observe this festive season with some bemusement at what it has become. And although I like to find the amusement in this there is a serious note that is a little sad and that is that you are herded into a way of being that seems to be out with your control, for in the most part it is out of your control, or should I say more accurately, you are under control. Of course it is totally within your control but as with everything my Dear Ones the odds are stacked against you. You are bombarded from every conceivable angle and at every level of your being to behave in a certain way around this festive season.

Many of you are strong enough to do it your own way and many of you feel you have no choice but to conform to the rituals of what has come to be known as Christmas. Whether you like it or not and many of you have noticed this year, many of you are so awake now that even if you went through the rituals as normal you started to see them for what they are, rituals. The same way of doing things every year. Is this your choice? How much of you has a choice in this? How many of you are railroaded into doing things a certain way by others because ‘it’s Christmas’? How many of you ’just get through it’, grin and bear it until it is over for another year? How many of you let out a great sigh of relief when it is all over? And much of this applies to those who are older and have families, remember the uncomplicated unbridled joy that Christmas was as a child? As an adult it can become a task and a chore and many of you can feel resentful that you are expected to be feeling a certain way at a certain time just because it is Christmas.

Well Dear Ones, I am very pleased to say that a great many of your Dear Precious Hearts felt very differently about Christmas this year. A great many of you started to notice the ritualistic nature of what you are doing and started to question the validity of such ritualistic behaviour. Did you ever stop to ask why you are doing this? Is it all in my name? The birth of the Ascended Jesus the Christ? Ask your hearts, is this truly what it is about or do you think there are other agendas behind this auspicious date?

Ask your hearts Dear Ones, what do you think? And many of you are so hungry for the answers, you want to know the truth. Well Dear Ones, I have imparted this so many times and I will never tire of imparting this, the absolutely vital skill that you must develop above all else and that is your power of discernment. Dear Ones, I will never tire of imparting to you that everything  you need to know abides within you. Yes, I could impart the truth of Christmas to you and you would expect I have some authority on the matter and someone else could impart a different story, or you may question the validity of the channelling, which is the truth? Only you can know this. For it is YOUR TRUTH that is the only Truth. Do you get my meaning Dear Ones? The differing perspectives upon the same story should shed some light on this matter Dear Ones, there may be only One Truth but it has many different perspectives and vantage points and there are uncountable roads that lead Home.

So,  I ask you Dear Hearts, why do you celebrate Christmas? What significance does it have to you? Does that date feel special to you, or do you feel more alignment with another date? The solstice?

Did anyone ever ask you if you would like to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself? Do you Love me that much? And what of all the other Ascended Beings that walked this Blessed planet Earth? Do they not deserve your attention also?

Dear Ones, I am asking these questions merely to stir the pot. The answers are not entirely relevant but I would like to stir up your mind a little, get you thinking if you see what I mean. It is time Dear Ones to start to claim your power as a Sovereign Being. What I mean about Christmas is, please do not accept the mass of the people’s idea of what Christmas should be. Ask yourself why do I celebrate it?  How do I want it to be, what would bring me the most joy? What makes me miserable, what makes me happy? What is important to me? Start to live your lives from this place of sovereign power instead of just following along with the herd, the mass of the people. Do you even know why you put up a tree in your home and decorate it?

Dear Ones, take this first step of saying to yourself…. ‘I AM a Sovereign Being of Almighty Power’. Decide, right now, if it feels good for you to do so, to claim your sovereignty, your right as an individual on this planet to live the way you want to live in accordance with what feels good to YOU. Use your powers of discernment to look at the patterns of your lives, and see what is your sovereign decision and what is ritualistic accepted behaviour inherited from your family or someone’s else’s idea of a good time.

My Dear Precious Hearts, you have yet to understand the full extent of your power. Some of you are beginning to feel it, breathe it in, yes Dear Ones, breathe it in, you are all powerful and you deserve to live as Gods upon this sweet Earth. Make it so. Demand it so and never again walk in the shadows of another. Walk your own glorious path, blaze a trail of excellence for all human kind to follow in awe of the God Presence that you are. I AM with you every step of the way. This is my Promise unto You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Precious Hearts. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy