Greetings Dear Precious Hearts! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to greet you this day. Precious Hearts you are loved beyond your knowing and if you would just take a few deep breaths down into your abdomen as low and you can manage, inhaling the Light of God and exhaling out all the density, all that is holding you apart from you and as you do this Dear Ones, if you feel you can, imagine your heart centre opening and expanding, opening and expanding both in the front your body and at the back in the centre of your chest opening expanding, opening and expanding and now feel a little more of that eternal powerful Love that you are always held in. Feel it now filter into every cell of your body, soothing, comforting, warm relaxing Elixir of Life. Deep breath Dear Ones.

I AM Lord Emanuel and my teachings have always been about The Way of the Heart. Feel it now, Dear Ones, you cannot fail to feel the power that lies within your heart centre. This is your command centre, this is the place from which you operate your entire being, not your mind, not your head space, not your mental body. Your heart Dear Ones, is the commander of your ship, that is the grand design of your Being and the original intention.

You were never designed to be ruled by your head, your mental body and your ego was never meant to have such a powerful say so in the matter of your outer life. Your ego only knows survival and God bless it is doing its very best by you as you made the choice to allow your head to rule your heart. Your ego knows this is a fatal error and it puts you in a state of survival for without your heart, you are without your connection to God and without your connection to God, you have no one steering the ship, no one driving the car so to speak . This puts you Dear Ones, into a very vulnerable position of survival for without the direction of God you are separate from your Divine part in the Divine plan, you are without your map, your compass and you feel alone, abandoned and lost in this outer world.

And so too does your brother who has also made the choice to join you in abandoning the heart. Your brother whom you Love so much suddenly becomes your adversary, your Brother whom you love so much you would do anything within your capability to assist him, and this brother you know is all of humanity, all of a sudden lost and confused and believing in a lack of supply, for without God you forgot that there is limitless supply of all things, all of a sudden your brother is your enemy. Your brother is someone to dominate, lest he steal your supply of all things.

And so in the simplest terms, and there is no need for anything other than simplicity, in abandoning your heart you abandoned all Creation. And now it is OK for you to take from your Mother Earth without thanking her or giving back. It is OK to put down poison in her veins, it is OK to detonate nuclear bombs in her body, for you also forgot your Mother Earth is a living breathing magnificent life in her own right, Our Lady Gaia, with a heart and soul just like you. You forgot that all life is connected and that all life is sacred. And you think it OK to keep animals in crowded conditions with no freedom or choice to be raised only to be eaten..…on and on it goes.

All of this becomes alright with you when the mind took over the heart. Dear Ones, there is no judgement in this. All of it is part of a bigger picture and is the natural course of things but I wish to impress upon you that which you accept to be normal is only normal when you exist from your mental body. As many of you are experiencing, the world is far from ‘normal’ when you move from your head and into your heart. And this is what you must all now do. Make the conscious choice to move back into your hearts, to place your heart back in charge of your being, back in the driving seat. Tell your mind ‘HUSH NOW, your time is up, you are no longer in charge here!’. Dear Ones, the mind is a beautiful thing but it is only a tool, a tool for your entire Being to use for the greater good, it is a servant of the heart not master.

Dear Ones, make the choice and lovingly command your mind to be silent whenever you remember to do so. The heart is the command centre and it is there you shall find the Voice of God who will grant all things unto you for you are Created in the image of Father-Mother God with all the powers of Father-Mother God.

Start to feel your way through your decisions and your relationships. Stop thinking all the ins and outs of everything and just let your heart decide. Ah, relax in the knowing that you are so safe, so held, so loved and cherished by an Almighty God/dess who has placed an exact replica inside your heart. No harm shall come to you and the Kingdom of Heaven was created for you and is waiting patiently to give all unto you. This is my Promise You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Hearts. More than you know. Let it in. Be at Peace. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy