Greetings Dear Ones! I AM here now with you again this day. It is Lord Emanuel. How are you Precious Hearts? In need of much Love and comfort and security I would guess. Oh my Dear Ones, you seek it here, you seek it there, you seek it everywhere externally to yourself. My Dear Ones, come Home to yourself, there is only one place you can find that comfort you so dearly seek. That scratch you have been trying to itch for over 12 million years! That comfort you seek, that Love that you need like the air that you breathe is closer than breathing.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones. Inhale and exhale long and deep. Inhale that life giving breath with all the gratitude of your heart and exhale out any and all density that is keeping you from yourself. Repeat this process as often as feels good to you. Enjoy that air packed with Love and nourishment for your soul. That is much better, is it not?

The ether carries many qualities that your scientists have yet to discover. As you read these messages I AM with you and I can charge the ether around you with indescribable healing powers that will fortify you and accelerate your spiritual growth. And on this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank you, all of you, for answering my call, turning to the Light, I trust you all feel the benefit of doing so in your everyday life. I know many of you are now seeing tangible change for the better within your Being and in your outer world.

So, brave Children of the Light you are about to grow up and indeed you are right in the most crucial stage of that growth into a Master of the Light that you have always been but temporarily forgot, you have been hiding from yourself the great need you have for Love and comfort. So entrenched in duality over the millennia you have forgotten your basic need and it is covered over by layers and layers of protection so that you do not feel the pain of separation. But as you well know this pain will surface no matter how well defended you have made yourself, no matter how many walls you have built around you heart, that pain still gnaws away at you and it will seek outward expression in a myriad of ways, in a myriad of behaviours that you would term negative. In today’s world the pain is mostly killed by alcohol and drugs and the frequencies put out through your televisions, all give that pleasurable numbness that enables you to temporarily forget your pain and live your life in what feels like comfort.

Dear Ones, you have all passed through enough veils now to have removed all of your armour, you have seen and have rejected many of your strategies that protect your heart from others, you have started to understand that it is safe to give Love and it is safe to receive it. And this is something to be celebrated and we on High rejoice every day at this splendour of human awakening.

But it is a double edged sword my Dear Ones, when you are in the middle of this transition for you have uncovered just how much Love you need and just how much comfort you seek to feel safe and secure and to function and thrive on this planet. And yet there are no human interactions that will ever satisfy this level of need. But you still have the temptations in front of you, the lifelong partner, the children, the alcohol, the escape to the golf course, you still have all your old ways of dealing with life available to you and increasingly they are not satisfying you.

It is never your husbands fault if he does not express his Love for you in the way you desire, it is never your wife’s fault for screaming at you that you do not understand her, it is never your children’s fault for misbehaving and your problems will not be solved by running away to the golf course or public house.

Dear Ones, you have uncovered your pure essence, that which you call Love. This is all you are and all you will ever be. The comfort you seek can only be satisfied by the Source of that Love and the only place you will find it is within you and above you. Dear Ones, dare to look within and dare to look up for your only source of comfort and your only source of Love. Nothing and no one else can ever give you what you need and to expect that of anything and anyone is folly and is the seemingly inescapable quagmire of the 3rd dimension.

Time to rise up and out Dear Ones. Time to come Home to the self fulfilling Love and comfort of You. As always Dear Precious Hearts you have all the assistance available to you but a thought away. We can lift you, by the hand if your own Divinity up and out into your True Self, Great God I AM. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you and I will comfort you as long as you are wanting. God Bless you Precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy