Dear Ones, it is I Lord Emanuel come to greet you this day. It is I, and if you are in any doubt that it is me that is speaking to you, take a moment to feel me. Take a moment to connect deeper with yourself, to connect your consciousness with your physical body more deeply than it is now. Indeed even if your Being already knows it is I, Lord Emanuel who is speaking right now, take a deep breath anyway and connect deeply. Come into this moment, cast aside all that is yabbering on in your mind, that endless stream of thought, let it all run out and empty your mind of all that is occupying it for now. And just be here, it is just you and me in this moment. Deep breath Dear Ones and feel my presence with you. Let me enfold you in a warm blanket of comfort and reassurance just for now as we read these words and as I impart some words that may comfort you, guide you and perhaps may enlighten you, advancing you a little bit more on your Great journey home to yourself.

And it is a Great journey Dear Ones, one which you are taking with such courage, strength and determination. As you know well by now my Precious Hearts this is not an easy road and sometimes it feels like you are making no progress at all or sometimes it feels like you may indeed be travelling backwards but this is never the case Dear Ones and no matter how rocky the road may get, no matter how steep it may climb, know Dear Ones, that every step is a step forward, every step is a step closer, every step is one more step closer to home. There are no backward steps and there are no wasted side tracks. All paths lead home and you are well seasoned travellers on the very last leg of this monumental journey.

Why don’t we take a moment Dear Ones, to sit at the side of the road, you and me and sup some liquid together? In my life time on Earth I would often be on long journeys with my disciples or family or friends depending on the journey and depending on the purpose of that journey. We would often stop by the side of the road and sup some water or herb infusion and I would weave a simple cup from reeds that grew on the roadside to sup from. A simple pleasure in life that would give such satisfaction. A simple occupation indeed but genius none the less and words cannot really describe the pleasure one can take from such a simple occupation of weaving a simple drinking vessel and giving it to a fellow traveller to quench their thirst. Every simple action or deed in life carries all the miraculous qualities of that cup weaving my Dear Ones and I ask that you look for this pleasure and satisfaction in all your daily outer activities that you may consider to be a chore.

And forgive me Dear Ones, I stepped sideways there, a little indulgence into a memory of times on Earth. My point is this, let us sit down Dear Ones, sit down at the side of the road take the weight off of our weary feet and take a look around at the magnificent view we have on our journey. Take a deep breath and rest awhile with me. If you like you can rest your head upon my shoulder and take deep comfort in my presence beside you and know that I am right here with you, your Brother. I AM right here. Now tell me Dear Ones. What can you see upon your road? Paint a picture for me of the paradise that you are walking into up ahead and paint a picture of the paradise that you now live in.

Meaning Dear Ones, think for a moment upon the Higher Realms and just imagine, if you can and if it feels good to do so, imagine what it looks like in the Realms of Light where there is limitless abundance of all things and whatever you want or need can be instantly manifested in your reality. What does it look like Dear Ones? Take your time, see all the detail, the ground that you walk upon, the sky that is above you, the flowers, the trees, the dwellings, spend some time here Dear Ones, let me walk with you. And when you have had quite enough of paradise, come home to your dwelling place that you inhabit now. Think of your living space, your garden and with the same imagination, start to paint over the picture that is your reality now, paint over it with the same powers of instant manifestation to look exactly how you want it to look.

Get really creative Dear ones, move walls, move furniture, install glorious fountains, put up priceless works of art or make your own, put in magnificent statues in the most wondrous garden you can imagine, go crazy and re-paint your own living space. Go even further Dear Ones, imagine your loved ones coming into this perfect space you have created and paint them differently too, imagine them react as they walk into your paradise, dream up what you would gift them upon seeing them, imagine the love that would fill your heart to see your loved ones, gasping in awe of your creation of perfection.

Welcome Home Dear Ones. This is who you are. A magnificent Creator Being that knows only Love, that knows only perfection and knows only to give and extend that Love in every conceivable expression. This is who you are. And you will remember. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and it has been my great pleasure to walk with you this day. I Love you Dear Ones, I am your Brother. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy