I AM Lord Emanuel and I come to greet you this day Dear Ones! How are you? How are you? Indeed Dear Ones, this is a fine question is it not in these turbulent times? My goodness, my goodness, if you could only see what I can see and what we in the Ascended Realm can see, for it is a very different picture from what you are seeing my Dear Ones and it is this difference that causes you so much undue stress Precious Hearts. Or you hear the words I speak and you feel them in your heart and you know in you heart when you hear the truth and yet so much is open to interpretation, such is the limitation of the written words. However, Dear Ones, you must understand that each of you individually reads these words and gets exactly that you are meant to get from them, even if it is not what you are expecting.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones, deep, deep breath, and really do this my Dear Ones, really do this for I cannot express enough to you the difference it makes in the amount of healing you will receive in this moment for I AM with you and if you take the time to connect more yourself, I can come closer to you and you are in a better state of being to receive me. Deep breath Dear Ones.

Dear Hearts you have been so patient and even if you do not recognise it in yourselves, you have come so far, so far Dear Ones. If you can cast your mind back to 21st December 2012 when many of you expected great and sudden shifts in your outer world, think back to that time Dear Ones, if you can and remember who you were then. Can you do this? I can. And think of yourself now Dear Ones, do you see it? How much you have grown? I do Dear Ones and it is quite staggering to see you come on in such leaps and bounds in your spiritual evolvement. I can tell you now, you are all very different people from who you were back on that day of December 21st 2012.

I know many of you would have rather seen the monumental shifts that are coming to your planet on that day and I know many of you longed for the changes that are coming to be all done on that day. But do you see Dear Ones, no matter how disappointing it may have been to some of you, can you see how it has made you dig deeper? Do you see how it has caused you to find more? More resolve in what you know to be true? More determination to be the best that you can be? More strength and most importantly I see you all have more sovereignty. For in not knowing who to listen to, in not knowing what to believe you have been forced Dear Ones, to look within and listen to your heart.

And I tell you Dear Ones, this you must do more and more in the days ahead. I know you have heard this many times but Dear Ones I will not tire of telling you and I will not stop reminding you until I know that you have truly got it. Your heart Dear Ones, is the only intelligence you must listen to. This is the only place you will find the absolute Truth. Your Truth. No one can tell you this, no one can predict this, no one can feel what you are feeling, no one else can hear your voice of God/Goddess All That Is that speaks to you through your heart.

Dear Ones I know you can feel it, great changes are coming to your outer world make no mistake. If you do not already do so I urge you with all my heart to start paying attention to your heart when you read channelled messages, when you listen to news and when you search on the internet for information. Place your attention on your heart centre, make a conscious decision to do this before you enter into reading or listening to anything, pay attention to where your energy is in your body and if much of your energy is in your head, draw it down to your heart centre, you can do this with your breath by inhaling ‘down’ the energy into your heart or just by the power of your own intention.

Take your energy down into your heart space and PAY ATTENTION to what you heart is telling you. Dear Ones this is so vitally important. The dark Ones know their  time is up and now they simply are fighting for their own individual lives. It is going to get very ugly Dear Ones as these individuals who currently run your world start to literally say anything to preserve their own skin. They will turn against each other and it will be impossible for those who think only from their mind to discern who is telling the truth.

Only those souls who have learned to feel their way, only those who have learned to trust their heart and their feelings will know with absolute certainty who to believe. Listen to your heart Dear Ones and TRUST what you FEEL. Trust your own intelligent heart.

Precious Hearts you have come so far. If only you could see just how far from my vantage point. The time is fast approaching when you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt just how far you have come. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you, I Love you Precious Hearts. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy