Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day, I have come to be among you again and I will continue to come among you until there comes a day when you will not require the words of a Master to guide you for you will be strong enough in your own heart to listen to your inner voice of God that speaks through your own heart, in you and through you. Until that day, you, Precious Hearts, still require some guidance and some help to assist you through these challenging times upon your planet. For forgive me if I am wrong but your planet Earth is still yet a very volatile place is it not? You would do well to be armed with knowledge and power in the days ahead.

And you have more power than you think Dear Ones, many times I have said this and I will say it again and again until I see that you fully understand. Your strength lies not in physical force, your strength lies not in the loudness of your voice and your strength lies not in your ability to outwit. No Dear Ones, it does not. Your strength Dear Ones, lies in your power of command, your power of intention, your power of attention and your power of imagination. This is where your power lies and few of you fully understand just how powerful this is and yet it works whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Meaning your power of attention is always at work, you power of thought never stops, Dear Ones whether you like it or not, whether you own it or not your power of creation is working all the time creating the very events and circumstances of your lives.

You all know this Dear Ones, this is not new to you but do you understand the power you have in your hands and how you can use this for good? I know much is talked about the law of attraction and visualising the car of your dreams, the house of you dreams, the life of your dreams and while all of that is quite spectacular in itself I am talking about the power to stop war, the power to expose the dark ones once and for all, I’m talking about the power to end the use of chemical warfare, I am talking about the power to end hunger.

Now I know these may seem a little large in the subject matter, I know that they may seem like massive world problems and I know you must feel so tiny in comparison with these world problems but Dear Ones, BUT you are not alone and you can command the Ascended Realm my friends and if that does not impress you then perhaps you do not quite understand the power and the magnitude and the far reaching powers of the legions and legions of countless Ascended Masters, great Cosmic Beings, Archangels and angels that are working overtime to serve you and to save you and your planet from your own demise.

Dear Ones you have this power, you have the power to call upon us in the Ascended Realm and we have the power to command countless angels, countless angels Dear Ones, that means too many to count!!! We have them at our disposal to see to ANYTHING that you request.  Now Dear Hearts, you are Creator beings living on a Free Will planet. That means that no one can interfere with matters on your blessed Earth without your say so first. We cannot intervene to stop nuclear warheads from being discharged if you do not ask us to, we cannot clean up the toxic spill from nuclear plants unless you ask us to, we cannot intervene in war torn areas without you asking us to and thankfully Dear Ones you do, you do.

So many of you are praying and calling to us daily to intervene on your behalf and help stop the insanity that is seemingly out of control on the surface of your blessed Earth.

Do not stop in the coming days ahead. Do not forget the power of your command. It is your right as Free Will creator Beings to command and demand that certain things be so upon your Earth, this is your God given birthright,  use it Dear Ones! Enough is enough is enough! It is time to call time on your world leaders, it is time to call time on your corrupt governments, it is time for you to take back you power and command it so. You deserve a peaceful, joyful, prosperous world and it is coming Dear Ones, it is coming.

The Light of God is increasing upon your planet daily and the Light is exposing the darkness like never before. The dark Ones know their time is up and things may have to get a little bit worse before they get better.

But know Dear Hearts they will get better and they will get better a whole lot quicker if you remember in your prayers and calls to us to ask for our assistance. With your Free Will in line with God’s Will, Divine Will, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Waste not your time and energy on fear Dear Ones, prepare yourselves, absolutely, but do not give in to fear, it belongs to the dark side and has no place in your heart. Hold your peace, find you power, express it and know that All Shall be Well. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear brave Hearts. More than you can imagine. God bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy