Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day. Deep breath Dear Ones, inhale the Sacred Fire Breath of God and exhale out all density, all that may be occupying your thoughts this day, empty them all out with the long and slow and deliberate exhale. Do this a few times, Dear Ones , 7 is ideal but do as many as you feel comfortable to do and until you feel quiet and calm and stiller in the mind. And you will need this peace and calm in the days ahead Dear Ones. You have yet to face the dark hours that are coming to your beloved planet and you are called upon to keep your peace at all times when all else around you are losing theirs.

Indeed Dear Ones, the economic meltdown that is hanging by a thread is nearly upon you and I urge those of you who are yet to be convinced that this will be a reality on your Earth to at least take some simple precautions, some sensible precautions that will not take much of your time, just to have some practical things in place to keep you comfortable in the days ahead. For in your comfort it will make it easier to hold your peace and this is what is required of you Dear Hearts in the coming dark hours on your planet.

You know better than the mass of the people, you have long since known that all is not as it seems on the outer world of your beloved planet. You have not been fooled as the mass of the people have and you have done your research, answered that calling within your heart to reach and strive for that higher purpose you know exists within you.

And you have been answered my Dear Ones, you have been answered. You brave and courageous souls that have stood up against the normal practises of your world, those of you who have never fitted in here, those of you who have rejected all that the mass of the people swallow with no question, all of you who have followed a different path have been answered and you have been armed with the knowledge that you have so diligently sought.

You know better and you have been well prepared for the coming times ahead and yet I feel some of you may feel a little doubt or may feel that I speak not to you, I feel some of you are in denial that you have what it takes to rise up out of the duality and limitation that binds you upon this planet.

And I say to you this Dear Hearts, mark my words, you have been preparing for this time for life time after life time. This is nothing new to you Dear Hearts. Even if you think in this life time that you do not know enough, that you are not spiritual enough, that you are far from the path, that you are not good enough, I tell you and I make no mistake Dear Ones, you are enough! You have been on this path for thousands of incarnations and you have been learning and studying, facing many, many great challenges life time after life time so that when it came to this incarnation, you would be more than ready to face the challenges that would inevitably come.

Now is the time Dear Ones, we are not at the minute before midnight Dear Ones, we are in the cosmic moment that you have all been preparing for. The time is Now. The hour is at hand and we look to you, the awakened people of Earth to carry the Light in the dark hours ahead. This is the time when all your training will be put into action, when you demonstrate that you are more than ready to hold your peace and stand in the Light no matter what is prevailing upon the outer surface world of your planet Earth.

It is time to choose peace Dear Hearts, time to choose to be at peace with your life and all those who have ever touched your life, it is time to be at peace with your Creator and cross the Bridge of Peace where you are ready to experience Love in all its Grace.

Find your peace Dear Hearts and hold it. Hold your peace no matter what this outer world throws at you. This is what is required of you and in your peace and Light others will find theirs. Do not underestimate your power and influence in the times ahead. Hold your peace Dear Ones and All Shall be Well. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, it always has been and it always will be. I Love you Dear Hearts. God Loves you. Do not forget.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy