Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel that greets you, with joy and Love in abundance for you Dear Hearts. Today I wish to speak upon the subject of Serenity. Serenity is such a beautiful and exquisitely divine state of being. Sublime. And when one reaches a state of serenity and peace, he or she would give all the gold in the world to be able to maintain this state such is its beauty and elegance and sweet pleasure.

When was the last time you experienced total serenity Dear Ones? And I mean total serenity, it is a different frequency of energy from peace but very similar, serenity is a little sweeter if you will but walks hand in hand with peace and stillness. Serenity is the joy to be found in peace and stillness.  Have you ever even tasted it? Perhaps on a vacation as the sun sets or the moments after just giving birth to a baby, or perhaps in the surrender after love making.

Do you know where this is going Dear Ones? Yes! Serenity is available to you at all times! Every moment of every day if you so choose to feel that way. That is freedom, to be able to CHOOSE to feel a certain way DESPITE all that is going on around you. Can you feel serenity while getting your children ready for school? Can you find serenity in the middle of the underground train? Can you find serenity in the supermarket? Yes, I understand that might be a stretch for most of you but at least accept it as your truth that it is possible.

In my life time on this earth I demonstrated to all of you the extreme way in which it is possible to maintain serenity in the face of the ultimate human cruelty. It is possible in any circumstance.

Serenity is a most beautiful feeling. Why would you not want to dance through life in this state?! So how is it possible? Well this is the path of the Master and the path of the Light. Which you are on my Dear Ones.

It starts with acceptance of what is. At all times. The fundamental building block of a Master. Acceptance that EVERYTHING without exception in your life is there to lead you to a greater expression of you. No matter how you perceive that experience. If you can take this as your truth then you will understand that all life events are designed to conspire FOR you, not against you, ALWAYS. This allows you to accept what is NOW. This acceptance gives you relaxation and in that relaxation lies the next step to AWARENESS which leads to the next step, CHOICE.

And there you have it. FREEDOM. Will you walk this path with me my Dear Hearts? Will you walk the path to real freedom? Come with me now, call my name, I have already illuminated the path ahead just for you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love your priceless Dear Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy