Greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I greet you this day with great joy! There has been an absence as the messenger enjoyed the holiday season with her Beloved family and Dear friends. What a wonderful time of year it is.  I do wonder sometimes my Dear Ones, why though, it is all saved up for one time of the year?! You come together over food and ‘it is the season of goodwill’ to all mankind. You Dear Dear Hearts, think of the under privileged and give more to those in need or who have less that yourselves at this time. Your families unite and exchange gifts, you think fondly of one another. And I wonder to myself how magnificent this is and why is this not the year round state of things?!

I understand that Christ mass time is an emotional time and can bring up all sorts of strong feelings, not always uplifting, but in general it is a time for reflection, the year that has past, the year that will follow, loved ones missing or passed over, time to be grateful for all that we have. Time to gather in numbers, a coming together.

Now Dear Hearts, no matter what kind of festive period you had this year, I want you to think about the best Christ mass memory you have, the warmest, cosiest, most gratitude filled appreciation of family, friends, gifts, food, all things sparkly and decorative, lights, think of that wonderful feeling of kinship no matter what, really feel it in your body my Dear Ones, take a moment to actually feel it, breathe it in to your boots, feel how good that feels.

And I tell you my Dear Ones, this is normal!! This is your natural state of being!! Imagine that you can have this feeling all day every day if you so choose!! It is a lovely thing that you get to experience it once a year but hey – why not every day?? Is that so hard to imagine? Peace on Earth, Good will to all mankind? Why is this so hard to grasp? Do you not think your deserve such a rich abundant indulgent time every day? Do you think it not possible? What is stopping you from accessing that deep gratitude for your fellow men every minute of every single day?

Think of all the things that prevent you from experiencing this Dear Hearts. Every single one. Do it, list them right now and I tell you every single one of those things is either conditioning by your society or limiting beliefs you have conjured up all by yourself!

These things can be swept aside as easily as the crumbs on the Christ mass banqueting table. For they are simply not true. They are simply mental constructs that you have created, manmade limitations and beliefs that stop you from living life to the full. The life that is your birthright and natural state of being. Abundant, peaceful, grateful and blessed by the infinite prosperity and joy of the Universe. This is my promise to you my Dear Ones. I AM Lord Emanuel and I wish for you to enter my Kingdom here on Earth. If you will only let me, I will walk with you to the gates.

AuthorGillian Ruddy