Greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel who comes to speak with you this day. As always, it is a great honour and I consider it a great privilege to be among you this day and addressing humanity directly once more, albeit through a messenger. It is no mean feat, all things considered and I am so very grateful that you join me today. How are you this day Dear Ones? Ask yourself this question and answer it in all honesty. This may be a challenge for some of you and this is the subject upon which I wish to speak. Honesty.

Like all things that we expect from another we must first look within, for it is in our inner world where we have Mastery of the outer world. So, I will ask you again, how are you this day? “I’m fine” in a reassuring sing- song voice would be your normal response, yes? Out in the street, talking to neighbours or a friend on the telephone, “I’m fine”. Are you really? And on what level would that be? For you know that you exist on many different levels, your physical form that you can see with your eyes is not all that you are and within your physical being you have many levels to your existence.

Does “I’m fine” mean, “I have myriad of worries, I have this concern, that concern, I do not have enough money, my job is lousy, no one appreciates me, my husband/wife does not understand me, my children will not behave or eat healthy food but if I tell you all of this you will think I am not coping in I’m fine, thank you” ?!

Isn’t it amusing to think what actually goes on within ourselves when you stop and take notice? And this would serve you very well Dear Ones, if you started to take notice of what is actually going on, in all the levels of your existence. You have your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your physical body, your etheric body and of course your higher mental body, your higher self and you have your guidance available to you in any given moment from the Higher realms of existence. All this intelligence you have available to you if you would take a moment to take notice and pay heed to this intelligence.

Dear Hearts, I know this is a big step when all you are used to is listening to the mental chatter of the beautiful mind and I am not asking you to share this information with your neighbour or to begin to open up to the Postman or to the next telesales telephone call you receive but at least you can begin to be honest with yourself.

Start to notice, are you really fine? Really? What is your body saying? In answer to that question, is it fine? Is it in pain? Does it need nutrition, hydration? What does your heart say? Are you happy, sad, hurting, angry? What about your etheric body, are you even aware of it? What about your Higher self, what does it have to say?

Take a moment, at least twice per day to answer this question in all honesty, as best you can, just for yourself. You may be surprised to know what you discover about yourself!

Dear Ones, you have access to wealth of information and intelligence, it is all available to you in every moment of every day. It is vital that you know what is really going on for you NOW, in all its truth. For if you do not know what is going on for you, how can you possibly know what you want and therefore what you need?

Knowing your Truth in this way is living awake, this is living consciously. Choices made from this place are more effective, more powerful and more in line with your Divine path that will lead you home. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Ones, beyond measure.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy