Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this day, in gratitude as always for your company and your attention this day. I Love you Dear Hearts and it brings me such warmth in my heart to be assisting you today. Today, I wish to speak upon that which is close to your hearts that which is forever near to you and in you and around you and that is your Great God presence. I say close to your hearts Dear Ones, for that is where your God spark resides, that is where there resides the part of you which is made in the image of God, the three fold flame in your heart , your Divine Spark, that never goes out.

Each and every one of you carries this in your heart, each and every one of you on earth, no matter what outer appearances and actions may say about a person, internally the flame of God flickers within and it is this very spark of Divinity that means no man, woman or child is beyond redemption, no man, woman or child is evil, no man, woman or child is dark and no matter how far a human being may have fallen into darkness and dark ways, they are never lost for God is always within and that Light within always carries the potential to be ignited once more.

Please remember this Dear Ones when you cast your eyes upon the ungodly nature of a persons’ actions or thoughts or words, remember this Truth, they too are a God spark just like you and place your attention here. Place you attention on their God spark and breathe life into it as you pass them by or as you have a conversation. Hold back your judgemental thoughts, or watch them float by and pay them no heed, for what is important Dear Hearts is where you place your attention. If you choose to place your attention on the perceived negative, on the negative aspects of a person, of their personality, words, deeds and action, well you simply amplify these qualities, literally you add to the energy of that thought form, deed or words, you add to their power and by the Universal Law of Attraction you will get more of the same being shown to you in front of your very eyes. Instant manifestors are we!!

Dear Hearts, is does not do good to place you attention on the less favourable aspects of a person. Choose the 'high road’, the pleasant road, the sunny side of life and choose to focus on only the positive and if there are none to be seen or heard , then focus your Loving attention on the God spark within their hearts, fan the flames with your Love and watch what happens. Magic. Observe that person change their demeanour, or simply stop talking and walk on or even better watch that person smile and Light up from within and watch their bemusement at where that good feeling came from. They may even look at you with disbelief, wondering what it is that you ‘have’ and where they can get it!!

Try it today Dear Ones. If you are feeling particularly brave, try it out on someone or some situation that you know is challenging to you. Remember to ground yourself first with a deep sacred breath into your boots, into our Mother Earth and stay centred within your own greatness before you proceed.

My Brave and Dear hearts, where you place your attention is of paramount importance for not only can it change the outcome of an interaction with another human being, it can change the outcomes of the entire outer world of your planet. Do you want an end to war? Place your attention on a peaceful world. Do you want an end to extreme poverty? Place your attention on an abundantly wealthy global economy. Do you want an end to hunger? Place your attention on the abundant supply of all things, fair trade and a thriving planet.

If you can make one person smile, you can change the world. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and Heaven on Earth is yours. Place your attention here.  I Love you, I Bless you and I thank you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy