Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this fine day! What an honour and privilege once more to be with you Dear Hearts. You are all doing so well in such demanding and tumultuous times. We in the Ascended Realm admire your persistence, your determination and your steadfastness. Such resilience you are showing my Dear Ones, you should be proud of yourselves, very proud.  And that leads me very neatly on to the subject of my words this day, Pride.

Pride is an attribute that can be a good thing to feel but also a damaging thing to feel depending on the state of the person’s heart. Meaning, pride in a job well done, that beautiful sunshine feeling that brings an inner smile so bright that is spreads to the outer smile and an inner peace and joy that cannot be beaten. In fact it is this feeling that you would do well to remember when requiring motivation for something that you are putting off. For this feeling is one of life’s greats isn’t it? That feeling that you have fulfilled a task or mission to your satisfaction, a job well done brings that beautiful sunshine washing over your body a glow that is just so warming.

This is how it feels after filling out that tax return, filling out that form or finally putting up that shelf. Remember this as incredible motivation for doing those ‘have to’ jobs that we just put off, put off and put off. Imagine feeling this every day! Imagine getting to bed in the evening and feeling that sunshine glow because every day you gave it your all, every day you did those jobs you set out to. Imagine the inner peace this would bring. There is no room for self criticism when you have given it your all every day. It is a wonderful feeling and it is within your grasp Dear Ones, yes it is.

Pride when flipped around or felt for different reasons is another matter altogether. Pride when associated with the fear based human ego is altogether another ball game. This energy is destructive and serves to disconnect you from one another and from life. ‘Pride before a fall’ are wise words indeed for the Laws of the Universe always bring back to you what you put out and the energy of pride in this context is not coming from a connected heart and therefore carries a different frequency of energy that returns to that person more of the same which often results in consequences that would be perceived as negative. Pride in this context is an outward looking protective mechanism. It is showing the world that you are a success, it is all based on external validation and is hiding the emptiness inside and the total lack of connection to God and the inner wisdom and strength of the human being. Let go of these things and take pride in yourself. Do not invest in outward external ‘things’ or anything that gives you a sense of value that is outside of yourself and your inner being. It is your relationship with you that matters and the inner You that I am referring to here is God.

Take pride in that which you do for yourself and keep that pride to yourself, it may leak out to a huge smile but that only serves to spread infectiously the Love of God. But allow that pride in yourself, in a job well done to radiate out from a Source within and you will touch everyone who comes into contact with you,  you will light them and warm them like the physical sun.

Live consciously, awake and with focus and purpose and this reality is yours. This is the path to a rewarding, satisfying and purposeful life. It takes discipline at first but the rewards are so great that very soon the great feeling is self perpetuating and no discipline is required because you would have it no other way. You will soon learn that it beats chasing your tail and feeling unsatisfied hands down! This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my assistance is always available to you, more help than you can imagine is but a call away. I Love you Dear Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please feel free to copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy