Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel that greets you this day with such warmth and gratitude for this opportunity to speak with you once more.  I will walk among you again one day but for now, it is a tremendous opportunity to reach you in this way which may seem small to you but means everything to me. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light, I AM the Resurrection and the Life and as this is true for me, so it is true for you my Dear Ones. These words were spoken to activate them within your consciousness and make them a living possibility and it is up to you now to make them a reality.

I walked upon this earth as a living example my Dear Ones, of what was possible for you also. I knew it would be a very long time in your reckoning, some 2000 years, before this possibility would become a probability for some of you. Never the less what was done was done and shall forever remain in the ethers of this planet for all to access when the time is right.

A great many of you are waking up to this fact and it is my wish to be of assistance to those who wish to walk upon the path of Light. Each and every one of you reading these words is already upon this path whether you consciously chose to or not, your higher mental body and your Christ self have made that decision for you and well before your incarnation upon this Earth. Now that you are walking this path let me guide you, let me be your guide, let my lantern of Light illuminate your path that you may see the quickest route, the fastest path of least resistance.

How does one do this my Dear Ones? By listening to the quiet voice of your heart. Listening requires silence for it will not be heard above the noise of your daily life. You will go about your day blindly following that which you were taught, that which was expected of you and that which you think you ‘should’ do. Take some time every day Dear ones to be still enough in silence to listen to the inner promptings of your heart, your Great God presence within. Then act upon theses promptings Dear Ones, act upon them.

This is a simple enough statement but not an easy one in your current reality. It takes courage my Dear Ones and you will find many obstacles in your path, some placed there by yourself and some placed there by others, but all are there to lead you to a greater expression of yourself. And here is where I and all of those in the Ascended realm and the Angelic host come in. These obstacles may seem insurmountable my Dear Hearts when you look at them from a human perspective but you have an Almighty force behind you, those of us who reside in the Ascended octave of your world are here to assist you and my Dear Ones there is NOTHING we cannot do.

And I know that many of you already know this but even those who do know of us and call upon us, still have doubt. Many of you do not call upon us nearly as often as we would like when we witness your struggle. We wish to lift the burdens from you and we have the power to do so. But you have to want this Dear Ones and you must believe that miracles are possible and that we in the Ascended realm can perform these miracles under our Authority that is our own great God presence and we will come to you under any circumstance to relieve you of the tiresome obstacles of this earth with ease and Grace.

We will come and there is nothing we cannot do. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I ask you to put us to the test. I Love you my Dear Ones, let me help you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy