Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this day. It is my great pleasure and I count it as a great honour to be able to speak with you in this way. I do not take it for granted for it is quite an achievement! Today I wish to impart some wisdom that may help you along your journey, little reminders and pointers to help you find the right direction or words of inspiration just at the right time. I am ever near to guide you and prompt you if you will be astute enough to hear and to pay attention to the myriad ways that I and the Ascended realm and Angelic realm communicate with you all the time. And so this is the subject upon which I wish to speak. Awareness. For it is a highly developed awareness that leads to your paying attention to the many things inside of you and outside of you that gives you access to an expansive intelligence far greater than that which you can by the wonderful mind alone.

Awareness of what is going on internally and externally (both at the same time when you are as aware as a Master) is the ultimate that is available to you and this awareness itself is unlimited. Meaning what you are capable of being aware of is as infinite as the Universe itself. For in everything is the Universe in microcosm.

But let us begun at a less lofty place. At present you are running with, on average, 2% of what is available to you. And what I mean by that is at present Dear Ones, you are aware of 2% of what you can really see... colour, sharpness, depth, intensity, contrast, and that is just within your frequency of vision at present, you also have available to you that which exists in other dimensions in the same vicinity as you. And that is just your eyes, you are aware of approximately 2% hearing, volume, pitch, frequency etc and same goes for taste, smell, touch not to mention placing your consciousness wherever you like...that is a whole other matter. But you get my point Dear Ones? You have available to you, way way way more intelligence and information than you can currently imagine.

Expanding your awareness and having access to this intelligence gives you greater CHOICE. When you are more expansive in your perspective of things you gain access to a ‘higher’ choice in the matter. You will, Dear Ones, automatically make the ‘right’ choice in alignment with you higher self and higher purpose. Life will flow with ease and grace. Everything will seemingly ‘fall into place’ as you dance through life.

So how do we expand our awareness? There are many roads to Rome Dear Hearts but the first step is to want to. Set the intention that you want to have greater awareness of your environment internally and externally, no matter how aware you think you are at present, you have infinitely MORE available to you! Connect to the longing for this greater awareness and so it shall be. The intention alone will bring into your life stream the situations and knowing how and where to begin. Star t here my Dear Ones and remember to take the time to be still at least one time per day. Pay attention! In the stillness lies all the answers. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you my Dear Hearts more than you can ever know at present.

AuthorGillian Ruddy