My Beloved Hearts, it is I, Lord Emanuel who is bursting with Love and joy to greet you again this glorious day. It is my honour and pleasure to serve you in this way and I AM so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you this day upon the subject of Love. This is an expansive and all encompassing subject upon which I will return many many times, for indeed Love is All There Is and it can take many many many years and even life times to fully comprehend what this actually means and of course your understanding of it deepens and deepens as time passes and as your soul grows within your experiences on the physical plane of existence. Today I wish to speak upon Love in relation to Unity. Love is what binds the Universe together, it is the ‘glue’ if you will and the just as everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm as Love binds the Universe, so does Love bind people.

Unity, my Dear Hearts, is the only way to a fulfilling and joyful and blissful life on your sweet Earth. Your understanding of this will also deepen with time. I believe that you all know and understand the importance of family unity and community but how many of you actually feel part of your family or your community? How many of you feel like outsiders in this world? How many of you have to compromise yourself in order to ‘fit in’ to the accepted norms of your community or society? How many of you are living a lie or many lies, pretending to be that which you are not in order to ‘fit in' with community, in order to ‘keep it together’? This approach has led to the breakdown of your society and the remembrance that unity and co-operation means looking after one another with no agenda other than love for you brother and sisters , your fellow men, means that you can achieve so much more than you could ever dream possible. How do we get back to that? How do we return to unity and cooperation, instead of greed and hoarding of ‘things’ and every man for himself and dog-eat-dog, the mentality that has almost wiped out your very existence?

Love my Dear Ones, Love. But how do we find Love for one another again when we have come to hate each other under the thin disguise of getting along with one another? Resentment runs so deep within the majority of people and they do not even realise it is there, that it is running their selfish and hurtful behaviour or that even if they are living a ‘good’ life, it is holding them back from living an extraordinary life on a par with sainthood.

It begins at home and home is where the heart is. It begins within and it begins with yourself. How many of you actually Love yourself? How many of truly truly truly accept every single facet of your physical body, you mind and your personality? How many of you love and accept every single perceived defect and every single 'wrong' word said , or even harder, how many of you Love your amazing achievements, the things that make you great?

It all begins here My Dear Ones. Devote your attention not to others, not until you have mastered complete acceptance and Love for all that you are. Devote all your time and attention here, first and foremost and you will find GENUINE Love and compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters, you will naturally want to share and cooperate and serve one another. Community will be born again, based on deep Love and unity of hearts and minds. This is Heaven on Earth and it is available to all of you all over this sweet Earth. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I wish to help you find complete acceptance. Call on me, I will come. Always. The Light of God never fails.

AuthorGillian Ruddy