I am with you now Dear Ones as you read these words. Greetings to you! It is I Lord Emanuel that greets you this day and I Love you Blessed Ones. Today I wish to impart some words and it is such a privilege to do so, upon the subject of marriage. Marriage is a wide ranging subject and I will offer up only a few words around this that might impress upon you another way to look at things, it is so very healthy to always look at things with fresh eyes, every day if possible, look at things like you have never seen them before.  This approach will ensure that you never stagnate or use outdated practises that no longer serve you.

So often we are so used to something, it is so ingrained into our society that we accept it and ‘go along ‘ with it even when it defies logic and a deeper understanding of you.  Isn’t it time to start looking around? Yes it is Dear Ones, it’s time to have a fresh look at things, time to take an inventory of your life and all that is in it and really honestly ask yourself what is working here? And what is not? What is not serving me any longer? And why? And what would serve me better?

Marriage is one of those such matters Dears Ones and I say this because I can see you and I see your hearts and I can feel what is going on in general on your planet. Marriage my Dear Friends, on the whole, is not serving you any longer. Not as it stands at present. If you really stop and think and more importantly FEEL about this you know this already deep inside. I would like to add at this point that I am not making marriage wrong, that is not my point here Dear Ones. My point is it’s time to be honest. Honesty does not require action, no one is suggesting that you have to act on your observation but how about you take an honest look at your marriage, if you are in one and the subject and intention of marriage if you are not in one or have been in one. Or are longing to be ‘settled down’ wow that sent a shiver down the messengers back!!

So Dear Ones, why do you think mankind decided to invent the institution of marriage? And how do you suppose we all got along before its inception?  I am telling you that your modern history knows very little of the true history of this planet Earth and the people that dwell upon her. I’m sure many of you believe we were nothing but lawless savages that needed to have controls placed upon us and rules by which to live and a bondage of marriage. I can tell you the opposite was true. Marriage is a man made construction to bind people and remove basic freedoms. How many men do you think would treat their wife better if they were not bound to them and she could walk out at any moment? How many women would treat their husband with more respect if he was free to walk out of the door at any given moment? Freedom is choice. Does marriage give you choice or does it impose perceived limitations on that choice?

It is your birthright to be free sovereign beings ruled only by yourselves. Independent and empowered Masters of creation. The masculine and feminine can co-exist in total exquisite harmony and Divine Love with no compromise to this.  This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I wish for you all that is available to you. The Kingdom of Heaven.

AuthorGillian Ruddy