Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel that greets you this day and what a fine day it is! The sunshine is streaming down and if you cannot see it Dear Ones in your sky as you read this, then feel it in your heart. Take a deep breath and focus on your heart area in the middle of your chest. As you inhale, expand your chest cavity and visualise a sun expanding in your chest. Keep doing this Dear Ones until you can tangibly feel a sun shining out of you from within. This is available to you my Dear Hearts any time you require some sunshine! And this is the subject upon which I wish to speak this day, Sunshine.

Your physical sun has shone down faithfully upon your planet since the beginning of time and it has never missed a day! Many of you Love the sun for it brings warmth and comfort to you, many of you ’worship’ the sun, many of you know that life on this planet would not exist without it. And yet so little is known about your sun. And most of you pay so little attention to it, except for when perhaps cloud covers it over or when a clear sky allows you to see it. In hot countries there are complaints that it is too much and in cold countries there are complaints that there is not enough!

Can I suggest to you Dear Ones that your physical sun, like all things in this Universe is pure consciousness. Perhaps if this is challenge to comprehend then think of it like this, your physical sun has a soul if you will, it is a being just like your Mother Earth and just like you! Humans can only comprehend intelligence as far as the human brain can rationalise it and in the current physical dimension that you currently reside it can be difficult to accept that your sun is a Being, with a consciousness and as such can, and will respond to your love and gratitude.

If you can accept this as truth Dear Ones, can you stretch a little further  to comprehend that you have control over everything in your outer world, including the weather?

Did you ever stop to think that the collective human consciousness might have an effect of the weather patterns of your planet?

Do you think that a loving Father-Mother God would create a planet that would have less than hospitable places on it for you to live in? Do you think a loving God would create a world with desert and lack of water or cold places with too much water? Do you think a God that can create something as complex as a human body would over look perfect weather conditions on your planet?

Start to look at your world with fresh eyes Dear Ones. And even those of you reading this message that might be familiar with these concepts, you might be familiar with them but still you hesitate to act on them.

ALL life on this sweet Earth has a consciousness and will respond to your Love and gratitude. Go outside and take a fresh look at the world you live in. Ask your houseplants what they need, they will give you an answer! Ask the trees about events on the other side of the world, you will get an answer!

Spend more time out of doors Dear Ones, spend some time soaking up the sunshine if you can see it, if not, know that the Light of God will reach you even on the cloudiest of days. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my sunshine radiates upon each one of you on the sweet Earth every day.

AuthorGillian Ruddy