Greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel, what an enormous pleasure it is to speak with you this day. As always Dear Hearts!! Today I wish to speak upon Connection. Dear Hearts, long ago, longer than your scientists know about, the human race fell from grace. A term that I am not terribly comfortable with because it implies a very negative connotation and as you know by now, there is no good or bad, there is just What Is. What happened Dear Hearts is simply that your connection to the divine was severed. A connection that you had known forever and a connection that was as second nature to you as your beautiful mind is now.

Without your connection Dear Ones, you were without a connection to your Command Centre if you will. Because the divine connection to which I am referring is your god self, your higher self, it has many names and for the purposes of this message I will use the term I AM. The connection to which I am referring to is your I AM presence which is the part of you that never left the higher realms.

You see Dear Hearts you were created in the Great Central Sun of the Universe and you bravely ventured down the dimensions to experience all that there is to experience so that your unique adventure adds to the whole and expands the whole. You are an individualised expression of Father-Mother God and your self is refracted down the dimensions. So parts of your whole remain in each dimension and the part of you to which I am referring is your connection to your I AM presence.

Until the ‘fall’ if you will, you were permanently ‘plugged in’ to your higher self and therefore to the Will of God. Your every move and moment was directed and governed by your higher self within the Universal Law of Free will. You took council from your higher self before you did anything Dear Ones and this gave you enormous Peace and relaxation in life. Imagine, your every need taken care of and your every direction for your higher good and for the higher good of the whole.

Can you really imagine that Dear Hearts? Take a moment to imagine a life where the major source of stress was removed, the stress of having to make major decisions in life with no compass and no map and no direction. For that is what you do presently Dear Hearts. You make decisions based on nothing more that the ramblings of the mind which can only make decisions based on events of the past which bear no relevance to the present moment!!

Imagine a life free from that constant mental noise that will push you and pull you in every direction and often have you stray miles from your chosen path or the path which will lead you to the most joy, happiness and ease.

This life can be yours once more Dear Hearts, you are so very close to having yourselves ‘plugged back in’ to the divinity that you are. And what joy awaits you when you can at last be free from chasing your tails and wallowing around in the mud of the 3rd dimension.

You have all but pulled yourselves free and once more you will find your connection to God, yourself. There are many things that have been stacked against you Dear Ones, many forces of the dark would rather that you never found your connection again. For in that connection lies your memory of your sovereignty, your freedom and your power as great Creator Beings of Light that you are.

None of that skullduggery matters if you have a strong will and desire to re-connect. All the help available will be given to you upon request to clear the way for you to be re-connected. All you have to do is ask. Call upon me Dear ones and I will answer. That is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you dearly.

AuthorGillian Ruddy