Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this day! My heart is overjoyed to be among you again today and I wish to impart some words and some wisdom upon the subject of Mystery. Mystery and legend, the two go hand in hand, the word that describes that which is unknown, unexplained and unfathomable by the human mind. The Great Mystery being the unlimited unexplained phenomenon as referred to by the Native Americans, as they refer to God and All That Is. For they know that there is way more to it than a single word God. It is the Great Mystery because no human mind can comprehend it.

Great Mystery schools have always been in place upon your planet Earth. These are often totally hidden from sight and secret places that can only be found by the true of heart and those who have already shown a true commitment to the Path of Light. These places do exist Dear Ones, this is not fairy tale, myth or legend, these are places where your Great Ascended Masters can appear on Earth in physical form, places of such high energetic vibration that it is possible for us to descend into the physical form required for you to see us. Theses schools were hidden from sight and shrouded very deliberately in ‘mystery’ for two reasons, one to protect them from people of ill intent and also to keep the teachings pure. Only those of an already well established path of Light would be called to these geographical locations and guided into the schools to be taught by the Great Masters directly.

And so the teachings have been preserved and kept pure on this earth for the eventual saving of mankind. However, things have gotten so out of hand on this planet my Dear Ones, that we of the Ascended Realm are ‘coming out of the closet’ so to speak! Coming out of hiding and into your world in order to restore the Great Teachings and the Truth that you are all spiritual beings on a journey of discovery to expand and grow into greater expressions of yourselves as Creator Incarnate.

The time has come that this information must reach the masses and quickly! The Ascended Realm are coming to you in greater numbers and waking greater numbers of you to our presence and our importance in the hierarchy of Heaven.

The Ascended Masters are you Teachers  while you reside on Earth and the Angelic Kingdom are your Guardians while you experience the Earthly journey. It is impossible, I will say it again, IMPOSSIBLE for any human being to incarnate upon this earth and live a fulfilling or meaningful life without the help of the Angelic and Ascended host realms. IMPOSSIBLE. And this would be to understate!

So long have you ignored us, so long have you denied our very existence and look what has happened upon this earth! The time has come Dear Ones, the time is NOW that you must speak your truth because you know of us. You know of the Ascended Realm you understand the importance of Angelic Guidance and help. It is time for you too ‘to come out of the closet’ and start to speak of us openly among your friends, your colleagues and your family. This takes courage Dear Ones, I know this. I understand that you risk being viewed as a bit strange, a bit ‘weird’ and I know very well that it is certainly very ‘uncool’ to openly believe in and have faith in God.

It is time to change this Dear Ones and the Bravehearts among you that read these words are the ones to make this change here on Earth. For we in the Ascended realm cannot yet come onto Earth in physical form for the masses to see. The Great Divine Director has deemed it too unsafe and we wait from the command from Heaven when that time is right and when it is safe for us to appear.

Until then it is in your hands Dear Ones to spread the word of God, to spread the word that God exists in all of you as a god spark in your Heart, that there is a whole world above the physical realm that you are not alone and indeed you are loved on from most High with an intensity that you cannot comprehend. Walk this path of Light with me Dear Hearts and you will live a life so rich and rewarding you could not dream it up of your tried. I Love you and wish for you to experience all that Heaven can shower upon you. Walk with me and the unending prosperity of Heaven is yours. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you and Bless your Dear Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy