Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and it is with great pleasure that I am here to speak with you this day. Today Dear Hearts, I wish to speak with you upon the subject of Love. This is an expansive subject upon which I have spoken before and which I will speak on again many times for it is all there is. That is the truth of the matter! It is All There Is. Take a moment to breathe that one in Dear Hearts. If we could all remember this truth every second of every day, life would be magnificent upon this sweet Earth Dear Ones and it would literally be Heaven on Earth.

Does this seem ridiculous to you? Perhaps a little too simplistic and therefore unattainable? Yes, Dear Ones since the fall from grace eons ago, man has fallen into such depth of confusion and complication it is often difficult to grasp the most simplest of truths which can solve all. Love is all there is.

Love is the fabric upon which the Universe is woven, everything is bound by it, absolutely everything that you behold is held together by the Universal glue that is Love. Now many of you who read my messages often will remember I have spoken of this before. I will never tire if repeating myself as far as this subject is concerned! It cannot be stressed enough and it cannot be overlooked!

You see it is at the heart of all that has gone astray in mankind. It is the Divine mind of our Father that brings about the ‘thoughts’ of that which will manifest upon earth but it is the Divine Love of the Mother that brings that creation into being , births that creation with the power of Divine Love. It literally IS the Universe and she oversees all of creation.

The Love of the Divine Mother has been all but written out of your religious texts and the importance of the role of the Divine Feminine has been deliberately kept under wraps and subdued and ignored by the masses for long enough that all life upon this earth was heading for complete annialation.

This drastic state of affairs has been turned around by the massive efforts of the Company of Heaven in answer to the calls of your Mother Earth and the people of Earth. No longer can the Love of the Divine Mother be ignored as she is returning to your planet. Her breath infuses the air that you breathe and every day its potency increases as Love is literally in the air! Her energy is infusing all of life everywhere and all that have agreed to be in feminine embodiments at this time are feeling a rising in them of the Divine feminine. Women everywhere are waking up to their divinity and divine feminine essence and realising that the world they live in no longer suits their needs.

Women are getting off their knees all over the world and demanding change. The world will have to listen because they are armed with Love in divine abundance and Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. No gun, no weapon, not even a nuclear war head can stand in the face of Love.

You have yet to fully comprehend the power of Love but it is coming and with it a life beyond your wildest dreams. Look to your Grandmothers, Mothers and your Daughters, see the Light of God within them and have the good Grace to listen to their wisdom. The time is now for unity, harmony and Peace to return to this beautiful planet and it is coming on a great tidal wave of Love. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love is with you this day and all days.

AuthorGillian Ruddy