Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, so happy to be with you today! I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to speak with you once more. Today I wish to speak upon the subject of Joy. For the vibrations are being raised up and up on your planet Earth. Up and up like never before and at a speed never before attempted anywhere in this galaxy and Universe. The consequences are beyond your comprehension at this time. Suffice to say that this is a monumental time in your personal evolution and that of the entire Universe and all of Creation. You may have heard many things about this time Dear Ones, and there is much confusion around. Many of the misinformation and the confusion is a deliberate tactic of the dark forces, a last ditch attempt to thwart your progress. They will not prevail only the Light of God prevails and never fails!

You may have been promised limitless joy Dear Ones and while that is in fact the truth of the matter, many of you may be feeling less than joyful at this time. Many of you may be feeling sad, anxious, hopeless and may not have any real reason for this. You may feel anxiety one moment and elation the next, which will give you a sense of unease as your emotions swing around. You may even feel slightly crazy at times.

I wish to urge you Dear Hearts to accept everything as it is. Have no preconceptions about how you ‘should’ be feeling and accept that everything you are feeling is just as it is meant to be. Many of you are experiencing  a great cleansing as Mother Earth sheds the last of her emotional debris before her great upliftment into the 5th dimension.

This may not be easy for some of you as at the same time you will be experiencing a change of attitude around what is important to you. Many of your will be realising that what you once thought was very important, now does not carry such a high regard in your life. You may start to feel many of the things that you do are a bit pointless and begin to wonder why you fill your time with such things. All of this can be quite stressful if you do not understand what is going on or if you resist the present moment.

I urge you Dear Ones, if at this time you have moments of panic or moments of feeling ‘out of sorts’ or even a moment of feeling that you might be going a bit mad, I urge you to take a breath Dear Hearts and remember your connection to the Ascended Realm and to the Angelic Realms. We are ever near and will ALWAYS answer your call.

There is nothing we cannot help you with and there is nothing that we cannot do. How much we can help you and how easy this can be for you is entirely dependent on you. The power of your Love for us in the Ascended Realm and Angelic Realms is proportional to the power of help we can give you. Your wishes and prayers and calls for help are sent out on an energetic vibration which emanates from your heart. The stronger the Love that emanates from your heart the ‘more’ energy your desire is carried on for us to work with and send back to you.

Do you see Dear Hearts? Your energetic emanation is dependent on your feeling us in your hearts and your absolute knowing that we are real. The Ascended Host are your Teachers for your physical life on earth and the Angelic Realm are your guardians for this experience on earth.

It is insanity to wander through this life without us and we are right here to help you if you would only reach out with all your heart. We are here to serve you and serve you we will without question. We ask for nothing in return but a thank you, for in a state of gratitude you are in a state of receiving and you will receive the gifts we bestow upon you. This is my promise to you.  I AM Lord Emanuel and I am with you every step of the way and always have been. There has never been a more pertinent time to follow your heart.

AuthorGillian Ruddy