Greetings Dear Ones! I AM Lord Emanuel and it is with great excitement I greet you this day. Excitement because we, the Ascended Masters, are very busy at present very busy indeed. The excitement is tangible among the Ascended Realm as we prepare for the upliftment of your world into the higher dimensions.  Excitement is the subject upon which I wish to speak. For there is not enough of it upon this sweet Earth among the people. So much emphasis is on negativity and you are force fed negativity through your television screens and through your newspapers. Do yourselves a favour Dear Ones and just for one day switch not your televisions on, walk past the newspaper stands, do not even look at the headlines.

Yes, I understand that you would want to keep abreast of the goings on in the world but there are other sources from which you can get your information. Look outside your normal sources Dear Ones for the mainstream newspapers are written with an agenda. They are not written from a non-biased place. You know this Dear Hearts, you have always known this and yet you support this and newspapers that lean to one political party or another. You know they are written from a certain standpoint for a certain type of person. Why would you buy into this manipulation? Why would you allow yourself to be defined so?

Do you look forward to the day’s news with excitement? Or trepidation? Or are you so numb you feel nothing at all? Dear Ones, life is exciting! Life is meant to be packed full of thrills and pleasure and wonder and the rising of the sun each day is a celebration for it heralds another new day full of promise and this my Dear Hearts is something to be excited about!!

So much has been forgotten through the mists of time. There was a time on this Earth when you remembered all of this and your days were full of exciting promise. When you accept there is a Father-Mother omnipotent, omnipresent God and that you were created purely to experience the wonders of the gardens that are this Universe in order to expand yourself into a greater expression of your Father-Mother God and that your very life force is supplied now and forever by your Father-Mother God, then everything in this Universe becomes a miracle to behold.

Every butterfly, every drop of water, every flower, every fruit every single thing becomes an exciting unfoldment of the mesmerising array of creation and God-supply of life. When you accept this as your truth, gratitude returns for everything in your life and when gratitude returns in abundance, like a grateful child on receiving a gift, your Great God parents only want to bestow more and more upon you. And when you have total faith and trust and allow yourself to be accepted back into the arms of your Father –Mother God and that trust becomes KNOWING that your every need is taken care of in ways that you can only dream of, the EXCITEMENT returns to your life by the bucket load as you know that each new day will being you more presents than Father Christmas could even dream of!

Start with the little things Dear Ones. Start today with the seemingly little gifts. The bread in the bread bin for your toast in the morning. What a gift. Butter to spread on the toast (how wonderful that milk can make butter! That is miraculous to me!) a car, a vehicle to transport you, how amazing the technology required, the wag of your dog’s tail or the purr of your kitty cat, what a gift that they want to be with you rather than running wild......and so it goes on. Start with gratitude and appreciation for all the tiny miracles that comprise your day, then your excitement can build. Instead of placing your attention on the hum drum day to day rather negative stuff, start to anticipate miracles, get excited that a miracle is waiting for you just around the corner.

Dear Ones, life is an adventure, if you want it to be. There are exciting times ahead as your world moves into the Light, join me Dear ones in my excitement for your bright bright future. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear precious Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy