Greetings Dear Ones! It is I Lord Emanuel and I come this day with great joy to be among you again. Today I wish to speak with you on the subject of Purity. Purity is a virtue that has been somewhat lost in your world today and somehow seems something unattainable and in some cases actively discouraged, it would seem, if one looks at mainstream advertising and billboard advertising. Purity now has somewhat of an old fashioned ‘ring’ to it does it not? And yet it is one of the most important virtues of God. Purity of thought, mind, action and deed is absolutely something to strive for Dear Hearts.

Take a moment to remind yourself of what this actually means. Does the word purity cunjour up images of angels and children? Does it feel like something that is available to you or not? No matter what kind of life you have led or where you are in life at present Dear Ones, everyone has the capacity to return to that child-like state of purity in thought deed and action and in one’s attitude to oneself.

The world you live in does not support the virtue of purity and a young adult in today’s world is an outsider and is thought to be strange if they value the virtue of purity. Let me clarify one thing at this juncture. Purity does not equal boring. Purity does not equal chastity. Purity simply means that you operate from a pure heart. A pure heart that is child-like in its wonder child-like in its trust of others, child-like in its desire for friendship without judgement, child-like in its openness and honesty. In other words purity is operating from a place that you still have Dear Hearts, that place in your heart that was there before the harsh realities of your outer world started to affect you.

I know, I know, Dear Ones,  I hear you when you say that those harsh realities are still out there. I know this world is filled with images of sex and violence. I hear you when you say, how can one possible sustain purity with all of that bombarding us at the once and why do we need to? I know you have grown cynical and closed by the seemingly harsh outer world that has gotten very grubby and unpure.

Dear Hearts purity is not just for children. It is important for this reason. Purity of thought in deed and action, innocence if you will, is an energetically and karmic-ly ‘clean‘ way of living. Meaning Dear Ones, if you go through your life with as pure a being as possible you will send out pure energy that is not tainted by the negativity that surrounds you and there for will not perpetuate and multiply that negativity that surrounds you. Choose to step out of the ‘normal’ harsh outer world, at least in your mind and you will emanate only purity from your being and you will return that unto yourself manifold. What will return will have the same ‘clean’ vibrancy, the same purity of intent which will bring you only pure joy and happiness in your life.

I understand this may be a challenge in this world Dear Hearts but at least understand it is a virtue to be cherished and a lofty ideal to aim for to improve your life beyond what you thought possible. If you are so very stuck with this Dear Hearts, look to your children. Be as children and you shall have the keys to the Kingdom. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and it has been extra special today. I Love you, I bless you Dear Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy