Greetings Dear Ones! It is an immense pleasure as usual to greet you this day. I wish to speak with you this morning upon the subject of World Peace. I ask you this day to think upon the warring that continues today around your planet and consider if this is the environment in which you wish to live. Because Dear Hearts, you may think that what happens on the other side of your planet, that which is not in your direct sight, does not affect you. This Dear Hearts is a very false assumption and one of complete ignorance, forgive my directness, there is no judgement in this Dear Ones.

What happens to even one life stream on the other side of your planet directly affects everything in the Universe not just here on your earth. The workings of this may be too expansive for you to fathom Dear Hearts so let me put it like this. War Dear ones, harming another Dear Brother, the killing of people, is a most profoundly unGodly pursuit and the act of killing another is murder by any other name whether or not you wear a uniform that gives you permission. Murder of another human being carries a negative energy that is projected out in to the Universe and attaches itself to like energies, it attracts more negativity to itself in a direct match and then returns from whence it came like a boomerang thus bringing in more negative energy.

Your earth, your planet and all life evolving upon her are completely interrelated and you all are directly affected by the average energy that is emitted from your planet. Are you following me Dear Hearts? So, even if you live in a relatively peaceful part of the world, you are still going to be affected by the negative energy streamers that are projected out from your planet. Do you see Dear Hearts? The collective energy affects the whole and if you could see this from where I am you would be demanding the withdrawal of troops from war torn countries, soldiers who have no right to even be in these countries, I would demand their immediate removal.

However that is another matter! And I do not ask of you to suddenly join a peace movement or feel you have to ‘do’ something. So many of you become indifferent to the horrors of war because you feel powerless and in this feeling of powerlessness you shut down to the human tragedy affecting millions of your Brothers and Sisters around the world because you feel there is nothing you can do.

Dear Hearts I am here to tell you that there is everything that you can do. Your power lies within, like I always impart and you are more powerful than you dare to imagine. It works like this, when you see an image of war, you immediately know that you do not want to see that in your world and you send forth our in to the Universe a desire for peace on earth. Now this must be answered by the Universe and it is, it always is. But you Dear Hearts, must be open to receive it and you do that by becoming an energetic MATCH to that which you desire. So you achieve this by focussing on PEACE not focussing on the war that you do not want. So, Dear Ones , in your thoughts and if you pray, in your prayers, ask for peace on this blessed Earth and then sit back and imagine only peace on this blessed Earth.

Imagine all children on this earth playing freely in their streets safe from terror, imagine all women on this earth free and with equal rights to determine the rules by which they live, imagine all walks of life and ways of thinking to be totally acceptable and tolerated by all. Imagine all soldiers returning home to their families and their weapons put down such that they never have to pick them up to kill another human being in the name of God or oil or money or territory.

Imagine a world where all humans beings exist with mutual respect and harmony with no borders to defend and no resources to steal, for all is in abundance.

This world can and does exist, make it a reality in your mind and before a miraculous amount of time it WILL appear in your outer reality. This is my promise you. Never underestimate the difference YOU make. I AM Lord Emanuel and the Light is always Victorious.

AuthorGillian Ruddy