Greetings Dear Ones! It is I Lord Emanuel and it is with enormous pleasure that I greet you this day. I am very grateful for every opportunity to speak with you and today I wish to speak upon the subject of Belonging. A sense of belonging is felt by many through family bonds and through countries of birth and even continents. Some people feel a strong sense of belonging, in these terms, and some feel that they don't not belong anywhere, that they are the ‘black sheep’ or they do not feel at home in their country of birth or they identify strongly with another culture.

This is possible Dear Hearts because you are eternal beings and when you choose to enter the 3rd dimension, the lowest dimension available to you, you know what you are letting yourselves in for, you are given great council and no child of God is allowed into the 3rd dimension with out adequate preparation in ‘easier’ training grounds for the soul. For that is where you are Dear Ones. Earth is a training ground, a playground if you will, for you to learn lessons and grow and expand and become a greater expression of yourself, of Father-Mother God and All That Is. In entering the 3rd dimension you agree to a cycle of birth-death from 3rd to 4th dimension until you ‘graduate’ to the higher levels of the 5th dimension and above.

This can take the average being over a thousand life times! Yes, Dear Ones, you have been around on earth at least that long, some of you much longer for various reasons. In these lifetimes you volunteer to experience a great variety of cultures, social status, in fact, nearly all of you want to experience all there is to experience on Earth before you move on to higher dimensions. So you see Dear Ones why you might ‘feel you belong’ somewhere else?

This process is planned, guided, assisted and executed by the great Beings of the higher realms, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Host and great Cosmic Beings who assist and guide you every step of your earthly journeys. They ensure that certain parts of your pre-prepared plan come to fruition and they have the power to intervene if you should come to any great harm that is not in your soul contract.

However you must understand Dear Ones, that Earth is a free will planet. Meaning what supersedes all plans is your Universal right to Free Will, to choose freely how to live your life and what choices to make and when.

This can be a great gift and it can also be a great burden. For it is the abuse of human free will that has caused all the suffering and hardship that you see all around your planet. All greed, corruption, war, poverty, famine, even the weather you experience on this planet is as a direct result of human abuse of free will. Do you see Dear Ones what a responsibility comes with the Divine gift of Free Will?

The time has come Dear Ones that you begin to understand that you are all responsible for the world you live in and are therefore responsible for cleaning up the ‘mess’ that you have gotten yourselves into. Make no mistake Dear Hearts much as your governments would have you think otherwise, your planet was on the brink of total destruction. Your Mother Earth called out to the heavens for help as she watched her inhabitants destroy themselves and her with them. Heaven will always answer and with the help of countless Great Beings of Light we have steered your planet away from a course of total self destruct.

We now call upon every man woman and child on earth to begin to use their great power of Free Will to restore your planet to the pristine perfection that she was when she was given to you as her Guardians.

How can you do this Dear Ones? Simply through thought and prayer by engaging the higher realms. We will always assist those who ask us. Always. And the Light of God never fails Dear Ones that is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and know that the Light beaming from those souls already calling to us in the Ascended Realm is a beautiful sight to behold. You are Victorious.

AuthorGillian Ruddy