Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this beautiful day. The sun is shining down on you all whether you can see it or not, my Dear Hearts. I wish to impart to you some words of wisdom that may bring your some comfort and reassurance during these turbulent times on earth. Many of you are beginning to feel the effects of the increased amount of Light that is being beamed down upon this precious Earth. No two people will experience the same reaction to this increased Light.

This Light I refer to is Creator Light from the Great Central Sun which is stepped down in its intensity as it reaches down the dimensions and reaches you on earth. So even on your surface earth no two people will receive the same amount if Light. If you follow me, meaning you are all on your own path Dear Ones, all of you are at different stages of evolution and emit your unique frequency which will resonate at your level of growth and that has some bearing on the path you will take and the amount of Light you can receive.

For some, the Light will raise up their spirits and bring heightened joy, for some it will have the opposite affect. Some will realise that they ARE Love and some will feel more hatred within them than ever and a whole load will belong in the spectrum in between.

There is no getting away from the fact that these are times of great change and with that change comes turbulence. Much less turbulence than was anticipated but there will be turbulence none the less. And I am saying all this to you Dear Ones so that you not only can embrace the change but also that you realise one very important thing. No two Dear Brothers and Sisters will have the same experience. Therefore I ask you Dear Ones, every day but especially now, that you embrace the differences between yourselves, that you spare judgement or if you must judge then keep it to yourself and realise it for what it is , a judgement that has no relevance and has no power over you. Dear Hearts I ask you to give no power to your judgements. Pay them no heed, give them no power. If you can do this consistently, eventually the need to judge will fade, like an untended fire, it will burn itself out.

There is no more important time than NOW that you look to your neighbour, your friends, you family and even strangers in the street and embrace the truth that is YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Pay heed to this Dear Ones, you are all One. Now I know this is difficult to comprehend on earth right now, when you have been raised in a society of separation, separation from each other, separation from your true selves and thus from Father-Mother God. I understand that it can be a concept that can be difficult to ‘get your head around’ as you say but I urge you to at least try.

Sit in peace and quiet, just for a few minutes, just a few minutes out of your day and contemplate what this means to YOU. I invite you to sit in a quite space, and take a few deep breaths (down to your boots!). Find some stillness if you can, shift the attention and the focus of your busy mind to Oneness. Just say the word over and over if you struggle with this idea. And just sit in the silence and FEEL. What does Oneness mean to you?

If you can accept that you and your Brothers and Sisters are One, no matter what colour, creed or religious belief, meaning beyond this physical plane, your hearts beat as One, if you can accept this as your Truth, your outer world would change in One heart beat and be totally transformed forever. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my heart beats with yours.

AuthorGillian Ruddy