Greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to speak with you once again. Today I wish to speak upon the subject of Fellowship. A rather old fashioned word, fellowship, kind of out dated and belonging of another time don’t you think? Fellowship did belong in another time, a time when you Dear Hearts living on this planet Earth, lived much more harmoniously with your Mother Earth. Fellowships were necessary in days gone by in order to thrive on this planet. Can you see Dear Ones how your society has become more and more fragmented? Although we still live in what can be roughly described as communities, many of you live in isolation, in your self contained boxes not speaking to one another but to say a brief greeting upon seeing each other. We have become more and more isolated within our communities and it is every man/woman for him/herself! This is not how it works down here on Earth Dear Ones, this is not how to thrive if you want to thrive on Earth.

If you do not think this is so, you only have to take a look around Dear Hearts to see that this way of living is not working for you. You have lost your ‘High Street’, your local shops run by local people who care about you and your family, you have lost any sense of belonging and any sense that you have a say in how your community is run. Decisions are made for you, corruption runs rampant within the councils elected to take care of your public money. Your villages are laid to waste as the big supermarkets take over, food is getting more expensive as these giants take control over world markets and control the supply of food to you. The cost of living continues to rise as your countries fall into economic decline.

How long Dear Hearts before you realise this way of life is not working? How long before you take matters into your own hands, you know you can eat for free if you grow it in in your garden?! You need not rely on a supermarket, your garden, however small , can provide you with everything you need to survive in terms of food. Did you ever stop to think about that, when you complain about the price of a potato?!

The structures of your society that are based on greed and corruption and unfair practise are crumbling, this way of life is not sustainable on Earth. Your planet is able to supply everything you need in abundance if you live in accordance with, and in alignment to, the needs of your planet. The surface inhabitants of Mother Earth have long thrown out the window the ways in which we must live in order to gain everything that we need.

One such way of life is to live in fellowship with your Brothers and Sisters. Fellowship my Dear Hearts is to live and move forward together with a common purpose for a common good. Human kind are not designed to live in isolation from their fellow Brothers and Sisters, life becomes infinitely harder if one tries to attempt this. Living in fellowship with one another lightens the load for each of you, living in fellowship is the answer to all of your problems of supply and demand, and living in harmonious fellowship for the good of all is the way forward to sail through the times of economic adversity that are sitting on your doorstep. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I encourage you to understand that your neighbour has problems just like you and together you might solve them. God Bless you Dear Hearts. Namaste.

AuthorGillian Ruddy