Greeting Dear Hearts! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to greet you this day! Among you today, I come to speak upon the subject of your Being. Have you ever given a thought Dear Ones that you might be more than just a mind and a body?

Have you ever wondered how you just ‘know’ things? Dear Ones your scientific community have spent many years convincing you that you are flesh and blood with an advanced brain and no more. There is no judgement in this Dear Ones, know that. Virtually all of you have a much diminished knowledge of your own physicality and what actually allows you to walk around in your physical garments. It might be astonishing to you to know that your knowledge of the workings of the human body is like that of a tiny infant in relation to what is in fact the truth of the matter.

Some of you are coming to understand that there are many levels to your being, many levels on which you exists that are way beyond the dense physicality that make up your human body. You exist on the mental level, the emotional level, the energetic level and you have a higher mental level, of which some of you are aware.

Before the fall of human kind, you were well aware of the way in which the human physicality worked and were expert in maintaining your physical vessel in optimum health and vitality. You had highly evolved beings at hand to guide you in such matters and rarely did you get sick. The body’s energetic systems were constantly being monitored by you or those close to you and any imbalances in your energy at various levels would be balanced by various techniques before any illness ever showed up in the body.

I hasten to add this was all carried out without the use of artificially manufactured chemical pharmaceuticals.  It is time your doctors and health industry woke up to the fact that the human body has an almighty capacity to heal itself. Given the right environment the human body can cure itself of every miscreated disease you now have in your world today. Without exception. But your doctors and your health professionals will not wake up until you Dear Hearts wake up first. It is you who is going to change this planet and the way it currently functions.

It is time for you Dear Hearts to step into the powerful Creator beings that you are, take back your bodies, reclaim them for they are yours! They do not belong to your Doctor and nor do they need to be ‘fixed’ or rescued by Doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. It is your body Dear Ones, and it is time for you to make good friends with it. And take responsibility for its wellbeing.

You look after your motor vehicles don’t you? Of course, for if you put the wrong fuel in your car it would not go and if you did not maintain it it would break down and you may find yourself stranded. Why do so many of us neglect the most precious commodity we have?  Our physical bodies. Magnificent genius beyond imagination creation!

It’s time Dear Ones that you got re-acquainted with your beautiful bodies that work for you day in and day out. How can we do this? Your body has its own consciousness quite separate from the human brain. You can talk to your bodies Dear Hearts and you might be surprised to know that they can talk back!! I ask you Dear Ones to start up a relationship with your body, well you already have one and I’ll bet it is less than harmonious!! So I mean to say it’s time to develop a more loving relationship with your body. Treat it like you would treat a new born baby, with tenderness and love and devotion. Get into a habit of honouring your physical body by asking it what it needs on a daily basis. If you have pain or discomfort anywhere, ask your body what is the matter and wait in silence and stillness for a response.

You might be surprised that your body knows exactly what its wrong with it and if your follow it’s guidance you can cure yourselves of all ills. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and physical perfection in a strong and vital body is yours no matter what your age or current physical condition. God bless you all.

AuthorGillian Ruddy