Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel that greets you this day. It gives me such great pleasure to be with you again today. I come to speak upon the subject of Responsibility. Dear Ones, how many of us actually take responsibility for ourselves in this life? Responsibility for our thoughts, deeds and actions? I am telling you not enough!! Dear Ones, there is a human trait that is perpetuating this inability to take responsibility for ourselves and that is blame.

Blame Dear Ones is a very common human characteristic that is at the root of your inability to take responsibility for yourselves. When I say responsibility for yourself I mean everything about you! If you do not know this already, your thoughts create your reality Dear Ones, this is the fact of the matter. You create the outer world that you experience by your thoughts deeds and actions. Everything, and I mean everything that you see in your outer world, every interaction, every single thing Dear Ones is a direct result of your previous thought deeds and actions. Everything, without exception.

Now do you see Dear Ones, that if you accept this as your truth and I lovingly urge that you do, then you have no one to blame for anything! You just cannot blame another for anything in your life and that includes how you feel. For not only must we take responsibility for our thoughts deeds and actions, we must also take responsibility for our joy and happiness and all of our own feelings. You cannot Dear Ones, you cannot blame another for how you feel no matter what they do to you. Is this clear Dear Ones? Does it seem impossible to you?

Yes, many of you are in this habit of blaming others for your misery. It might be challenging and many of you who already think you know this, are fooling yourselves if you think you are truly free of this yet!

Let me help you a little here Dear Hearts. No one can make you do anything, no one can make you say anything and no one can make you think or feel anything, only you have control over that. If another is mean to you, says something that hurts your feelings, then yes you may feel uncomfortable you may feel the sting of hurt and pain, and you may have cause to think that they cause this reaction in you with what they said. And while this is true to a degree this can only be true if you are thinking you are less than a child of Father- Mother God. You are Creator beings Dear Ones, you are an individualised expression of Creator and are therefore are innately perfect beings and so no one can hurt you if you know this to be true.

If you take the time to align yourself with God and your true essence then you will know that no amount of words or actions can knock you from this place. And if they did, it is not the fault of the person who said such things to you or harmed you, it is your disconnection to God and your true self. Because you are not in alignment with who you really are, the words deeds, thought and actions of others are allowed to define you and they hurt, because they are not true and you know this at some level.

Dear Ones, do not blame another for your misfortune, it is so damaging to self and binds you in a childlike state of existence. Take responsibility for yourself, grow up into the fine powerful being that you really are and take back your power in claiming responsibility for how your life is. In doing this you can change the outer world and you have the power to do so. This I promise you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you. So many of you are reaching up into your power and it is so wonderful to see.

AuthorGillian Ruddy