Greeting Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I greet you this day with such Love. Today Dear Hearts I wish to impart to you some words that might help you with the subject of relationships and I specifically mean the relations between men and woman, man and wife if you will.

I say this now because if you had not already noticed, times are changing at great speed Dear Ones. The domination of this world by the masculine energy has long ago made its full swing and the pendulum is swinging back rapidly toward the feminine energy and not a moment too soon as far as your Mother Earth is concerned! And please do not think I make the masculine energy wrong Dear Ones, of course not, it is the balance that is out Dear Hearts, not wrong,  just unbalanced and your world is a perfect example of what can happen when things are out of balance.

The masculine and feminine energy are two halves of one whole, that when in perfect balance and alignment make one beautiful dynamic fluid synergy that is the infinite perfection of God. When either half is out of balance things will not work smoothly or efficiently or harmoniously as they are intended to.

This macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm of the marriage of man and woman. The masculine energy has long dominated the feminine to the point that the feminine has lost all her identity and forgotten her power. This sad state of affairs is coming back into balance and with such speed that it is going to ‘rock a few boats ‘ so to speak. As women remember their identity and their innate abilities and talents and their vital role in this world as creators of life it is going to ruffle a few feathers in those that are unwilling to change or accept change.

Many of you fear change and are unwilling to embrace it. Human beings like to feel comfortable and dislike the feeling of short term discomfort that change, especially rapid change, can bring about. A great deal of resistance can arise within people and cause much discord.

I say to you Dear Hearts, embrace change for it is bringing to you a life beyond that which you can imagine right now. With it comes Peace and prosperity like that which you have not seen on this sweet earth for such a long time. Each one of you does remember deep within you at some level and this part within you will carry you through the great changes to come.

So I say to you this Dear Hearts, do not be alarmed by the changes you begin to feel within  yourselves, especially if you have embodied as a female at this time and do not be alarmed at the changes you notice in other people, in your partners and friends as they navigate the great influx of Light that is bringing about these great changes.

Many relationships will be rocked Dear Hearts and I urge you to remember your deep Love for one another during theses rocky times and not to buy into the hatred and division that has grown between men and woman and perpetuated by those in power who wish for the mass consciousness to remain this way. Remember the Love in your hearts for all life and it will take you on a path to never ending joy. This is my promise to you Dear Hearts. I AM Lord Emanuel and I thank you. My Love goes with you this day.

AuthorGillian Ruddy