Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, I return this day to speak with you again and it my great pleasure to be of service to you. How are you this day my Dear Ones? I am with you and I Love you. Today I wish to speak upon the subject of hurt and I am meaning the emotional hurt, the pain that we feel around others and how they treat us.

Today Dear Ones I wish to impart some wisdom that may help you better deal with this often unspoken pain and burden that you carry unexpressed and unresolved. It is important to deal with this kind of pain Dear Ones, when it is not dealt with you carry it around like a heavy back pack, it literally weighs you down as you move through your day. It is almost impossible to feel good when you are burdened in this way.

And I say burdened because when you carry around unresolved hurt you are literally heavier. The stored energy that you carry causes you to be ‘denser’ in your physical plane and therefore heavier and the feeling is of heaviness, sometimes even to the extent that you feel you are dragging yourself around instead of stepping lightly through life.

So how can you deal with the hurt that others inflict upon you so that you can avoid picking up the heavy baggage or avoid adding to the weight you already carry? You see it is an accumulative thing, you all have a potential ’back pack’ of pain and hurt that you can fill up or unload. But let us not talk of emptying an already heavy load. That is the subject of another message, let us speak of not adding to your load.

How do we do this Dear Hearts? When another causes you to feel hurt the best thing you can do for yourself is to feel the hurt. You see Dear Ones, most of us would rather not feel the pain of the hurt of another, your natural state of being Dear Ones is that of total harmony and Love with your Brothers and Sisters of this planet. It is totally alien to you to be hurtful to one another but life has come to be this way on Earth. So, the pain that it is to be treated badly by another hurts, it really hurts! We would rather not feel this pain and instead of feeling it, we defend ourselves with all sorts of ways to deflect the pain so that we do not feel it. But we are fooling ourselves here Dear Ones, we may think that we do not feel it but we do, on some level, and it is stored in the body as unexpressed ‘negative’ energy. This stored negativity is the load in your back pack of pain.

So to avoid loading this back pack we need to feel this pain. It takes quite a strong human being to admit that their feelings are hurt, ‘big boys don’t cry’ we have all heard that one. But when we admit this hurt, even just to ourselves and alow the feeling to pass through uninhibited the energy flows cleanly through us and out harmlessly to the Universe be transmuted back to the Light. This may seem like the less attractive option than to stuff down the hurt but believe me when I say that this way of operating will come back to bite you in the backside as they say! In the long run this is a very damaging way to behave, the stored negativity, the heavy backpack just makes life more difficult to navigate, you are burdened and on a more serious note, it is the source of ill health.

Dear Ones, difficult as it is you must first take the step to really feel when another hurts you. Cry if you feel moved to, in private if you feel unsafe to do so in public. If you dare to do this you will find that actually it feels pretty good! The pain lies in the resistance to feeling it! And know when you are feeling this pass through you that it is OK to feel this way. Let it through and know that although you may already know that no one has the power to make you feel anything good or bad, only you have that power, sometimes that is a step too far. Start with this step Dear Ones, start with just admitting that people hurt you with their unthoughtful ways and loaded comments, just notice and allow it to pass through. Choose not to fill up your back pack with unnecessary weight. Keep doing this Dear Hearts and you will begin to skip through life so light is your load! This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you dearly. I AM with you always.

AuthorGillian Ruddy