Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and it is my great pleasure to be with you this day. I come among you today to speak upon the subject of Revenge. It is sweet, revenge, according to a well know saying. Is it my Dear Ones? Is revenge sweet? I think if you really knew the deeper workings of interactions between individuals you might find a different saying to replace this old and rather backward way of thinking!

Revenge may feel sweet Dear Ones, it may make you feel better in some small way. It may give you some relief in knowing that ‘they got what they deserved’ and that you are justified in handing out ‘punishment’ to another to ‘even up’ what you perceive they did to you. It may give you comfort knowing all of this but is this freedom? Are you truly free from the act that so violated you that you are moved to seek revenge? NO, Dear Ones of course it does not. Acting out revenge, delivering unto another something that will deliberately cause them some discomfort or pain be it emotional or physical does not free you from the original act, it only binds you in it deeper than before.

By engaging in this way you energetically contribute, you add to the negative energy of the person who ‘wronged you’ in the first place. You are then bound into that exchange and are forever linked with this person until you forgive them and more importantly forgive yourself.

If you could only see the folly of engaging in revenge from where I am standing! You would see the sheer futility of it! It not only binds you to the very person you do not like, it lowers you to their level of being. Therefore you are just as ‘bad’ as them (of course neither of you are truly bad). You know this Dear Hearts, I am quite sure on a personal level you are well versed in the fact that as Ghandi once said ‘An eye for an eye will leave us all blind’. So why do you tolerate it Dear Ones?

If you understand that revenge is not at all sweet but it is the energetic equivalent of tying yourself to the person who wronged you then why do you tolerate it at all within your society? Because you know that you do this every day. Your world is at war based on this very mentality...’you did this to me, so I will do this to you’ ‘you killed my people, so I will bomb and murder yours’.

Dear Hearts can you see the stupidity of this? Not only is war a total nonsense that is an endless road of bloodshed and pain and suffering, it robs you of your freedom. Taking revenge upon another in any form robs you of your freedom. You cannot be truly free when you are bound to the negative energy of another by engaging with the perpetrator of this negativity. You are not free personally you are not free as a community and you are not free as a country when you engage in tit for tat warring. The hatred and the negativity generated by this, let alone the money that you pour into the war machine that will bind you in financial slavery, will mean that you are forever bound and never truly free.

Walk away Dear Ones from anyone who causes you discord or harms you in any way, emotionally or physically. Take a deep breath, remember you are free to choose, and walk away. Cut yourself loose from the negative thoughts of another and choose your own sovereignty and you own peace and your own happiness. Do this within yourselves and expect it of your political leaders and this world will walk into Peace and suffering will end and the world will be truly free. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I urge you Dear Hearts to be free. I Love you, I Bless you and I thank you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy