Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and as ever my heart is filled with joy to be here with you today. Today I wish to speak with you upon the subject of Romance! How wonderful to speak upon that which is dead? No? Romance, romance, can one word have so many meanings to so many people? What does it mean to you Dear Ones? Something airy fairy that is not real? Some ideal that you read about on books? Some old fashioned courtship no longer required in today’s fast and disconnected world?

Romance is simply the act of showing your Love to another in a spontaneous and creative way. So shut down are we to our innate creativity that we have all but forgotten the act of spontaneous creativity in demonstrating our Love for one another. And Dear Hearts, it does not have to be restricted to your partners, you can ‘romance’ your dog, mother, neighbour but it would perhaps go by another name.

It is true that in most hearts of those in the feminine gender there is a longing to be romanced, even if this is not what you would call it, and in every masculine heart is the longing to be the hero, even if that is not what you would refer to it as. Meaning the longing to be Loved in a creative and thoughtful way and the desire to be creative and demonstrate this Love lies dormant in all of us. It is a human need to be Loved and to have this love shown to us in ways that fill our hearts with joy and cause them to overflow with Love.

So jaded have we all become that this is simply not available to us or is some dream or fantasy that is not possible. So cynical are we that we now think that if we are approached with a gift by our loved ones that we immediately think ‘what do they want’? or ‘what have they done that they feel moved to give me flowers?’ or ‘why is she being so nice to me?’

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we all felt free enough to express how we really feel and to be free in our creativity to express that! How can we do this? How can we live our lives such that we attract more of that into our lives? How do we find a man that will consistently think of us in that spontaneous and romantic way, how do we attract a woman that will move us to want to explode with Love and demonstrate that Love outwardly for all to see?

Dear Hearts it starts from within. The first step is to know that you deserve this. To understand that this is not only possible but that you deserve it! Think about that for a second Dear hearts how many of you actually know that you are worthy of such things? Do you even think it possible? Just think how uplifting it would be to live with such possibilities, being romanced every day and feeling moved to demonstrate romance every day?

Think of someone you dearly Love Dear Ones, think of how much you actually Love them. Feel it in your heart and in your whole body, let the feeling sweep through you and then sit with it for a minute in silence then ask yourself, What would I like to do to show this person how much I Love them?  Wait for something to float into your awareness that feels good and is easily achievable today. And do it!! Spontaneously demonstrating your Love for a Dear One in your life feels great and will improve your life with consistent practice beyond what you thought possible. This is my promise to you Dear Ones. I AM Lord Emanuel and it has been such fun today. God Bless you, I Love you and thank you for our time together.

AuthorGillian Ruddy