Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and it is my great pleasure to be speaking with you again. What a privilege it is to me to be able to come to you again. Gratitude is what I feel, gratitude is such a wonderful feeling and it will be the subject upon which I wish to speak this day. Gratitude really does FEEL good Dear Ones. Take a moment to remind yourself of how it actually feels. And I’m not talking about the common kind of gratitude, the one that is forced upon you through conditioning by your parents and education system and peers. ‘You should be a little more grateful, show a little more gratitude’, remember that Dear Ones as you were growing up? And while your parents and the grown-ups around you were very well meaning and they did understand that gratitude is an extraordinarily powerful state of being, you cannot force someone to be grateful. All that results is resentment for having to feel grateful! Remember getting some awful pair of socks for Christmas or the wrong type of chocolate, remember that bitter feeling of disappointment but knowing that you should be grateful and are a bad person for feeling the opposite?! Oh what a muddle Dear Hearts!

Let me untangle this one for you. No feeling is ever wrong. Nothing that you think and feel is ever wrong, it is your judgement of that thought or feeling that causes the discord within you. If you have a thought that you judge to be negative or ‘bad’ then just let it float on by like a cloud on a sunny day and continue to look at the blue sky that is your intrinsic goodness. You are not wrong to feel disappointed by the Christmas present that was the wrong colour or wrong brand. It’s OK to feel ‘ungrateful’. Honour those feelings and let them pass through you rather than negate them and berate yourself. Then perhaps think of something positive after the disappointment passes. Got it Dear Hearts?

 Ok so back to gratitude. Remind yourselves how good it feels to feel genuinely grateful for something someone did for you or gave you or said to you. Close your eyes and re-live that moment for a minute, really do this Dear Hearts it is worth the effort. Feel it in your body, be aware of your body and when you connect to that feeling of gratitude, really feel it in every cell in your body. Is that not BLISS Dear Hearts? Would you like to feel that more often??

Yes I’m, sure you would. Well you can. It’s a question of slowing down Dear Ones, slowing down enough to see the small things in life to be grateful for. We are so busy thinking about bills to pay and having enough money and what he said to you that hurt and what she did to you that hurt even more, we are so busy Dear hearts concerning ourselves with these things that we forget to be grateful for the little things that without them our lives would be less comfortable. A warm house, food to eat, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, friends to call, you get the idea. Why is this so important Dear Ones? Well, apart from feeling about a million times better than how it feels to ponder upon the lack of money, a state of gratitude is magnetic.

In gratitude your very being is charged with an electrical energy that resonates at a frequency that is attractive to MORE things that feel good. A state of gratitude is a state of receiving and openness that does not directly feel like a state of receiving and openness. To be open to receiving can be a difficult state to achieve consciously thinking about, most of us are very resistant to it but gratitude is naturally easier  and with no effort other than simply choosing to feel it, puts you in a state of receiving and openness that instantly makes you magnetically attractive to all good things in life. Now that can’t be bad Dear Hearts can it?! Go in gratitude today Dear Ones and your day will be full of joy, this is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you Dear Hearts, I Love you. God Bless you, God Bless you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy